It may not have been what he wanted, but being left to his own devices may have turned out to be the best thing for Flynn Tanner and his emerging solo career. Tanner is set to release his third single “Save Me” tomorrow, and we have your very first listen of his latest synth-pop jewel.

Serving as the follow up to his breakout singles “Let’s Talk About” and “Nervous,” “Save Me” is a reflective, earnest look into the depths of loneliness. For the past several years, Tanner has split his time between Toronto and Boston. Then the pandemic arrived and he, like the rest of us, was grounded, literally. Using this unwanted downtime to his benefit, Flynn drove all of his energy into his songwriting, and inevitably, real life started to find its way into his lyrics. Entirely self-produced, “Save Me” has a fun sound and vibe to it, which is somewhat ironic given its uncertain tone.

Discussing where his head was at when writing the song, Tanner offered, “‘Save Me’ was written in the depths of a 2020 quarantine period, and it reflects the fragility and mental uncertainty of being stuck alone inside your house, and inside your mind… something that I was feeling during that time. I was able to take the time in isolation to record and produce everything in my home studio in Toronto, creating something that is dynamic and intense, while still embodying the pop and alternative/rock influences that inspire me.”

Despite his impressive songwriting talent, Tanner is still quite new to this solo thing. It wasn’t until last year that he started composing songs just for him after many years performing as a part of various bands in the Toronto indie scene. At only the age of 21, he is already an accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and academic. Tanner is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music as a Presidential Scholar, majoring in Professional Music, with a particular focus in Contemporary Writing and Production and Film Scoring. With just a few months left before graduation, he is eager to get moving with his solo career, and is already preparing to get down to business on his debut EP right after his studies have been completed.

As a songwriter, Tanner enjoys combining his influences from indie rock, to R&B, to modern pop. He shows an appreciation for the classics, like The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but is also inspired by many of today’s most significant names in pop rock, such as John Mayer, Harry Styles, and Vance Joy. An artist who puts a particular value on being authentic, Flynn Tanner is just turning the ignition on what will surely be an exciting musical journey.