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Fastest Land Animal Rock Hard in Their “Answer in My Head” Music Video [Premiere]



You may have thought the Fastest Land Animal was a cheetah, but we’re sorry to say that you happen to be wrong. It’s actually a rock n’ roll band and has nothing to do with animals at all. Yes, Fastest Land Animal is a sonic powerhouse that has just unleashed the music video for their latest single “Answer in My Head.”

If you’re hoping to get some facetime with the band, well we’re sorry about that too, because the guys have chosen to conceal their identity by “wearing” ‘80s and ‘90s era television sets on their shoulders rather than their own human heads. Not to worry though, you’ll soon become more familiar with this mysterious trio upon the release of their forthcoming self-titled debut album, due to drop on March 5th.

Not only will you get to hear more of their marvellous brand of high-energy rock, but the band will also be revealing their true identities, and you can be certain you’re not going to want to miss this unveiling!

When asked about the band and their new music video for “Answer in My Head,” lead singer and guitarist Screamin’ Jack Novak had some, let’s say, interesting words… “When I was a little tyke growing up in rural England and living on eel pies and mash, I had a dream to make enough money to afford fish and chips with mushy peas. I got a job working as a chimney sweep and saved enough money to open a chip shop. I proceeded to consume enough fish and chips with mushy peas to make me sick and tired of fish and chips with mushy peas for the rest of my life. So then I laser-focused on my ultimate goal… To move to the Sunset Strip, meet some blokes, start a rock n’ roll band, and make a music video with TVs on our heads.

We made the video but due to an unfortunate hat sizing miscalculation, we can’t get the TVs off of our heads. It’s beginning to hurt. A lot.”

Joining Novak in this enigmatic, three-headed monster are the likeminded delinquent pairing of drummer Shark Samuels and bassist/guitarist Alfonse Castillo. Shark came aboard first before the Brazilian-born Castillo joined the fold as the final piece to the puzzle. As Novak stated, the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood provided the breeding ground for the band and it was there where they first conjured up the idea to finally free the Fastest Land Animal.

Their self-titled album certainly lives up to its name, clocking in at a brisk 30 minutes of slick rock n’ roll grooves. Working in tandem with producer Don Gilmore, highly regarded for his work with Linkin Park and Eve 6, the group fits in a wide variety of sounds and textures that just may make you break out into a sweat.

With more than enough fist-pumping riffs, addictive hooks, and dangerous grooves to go around, you’ll be rushing to keep up with Fastest Land Animal!

Artwork for ‘Fastest Land Animal’ by Fastest Land Animal