As we continue to stumble our way through this seemingly never-ending global pandemic, illness and death have become all too familiar for all of us. Whether you’ve been directly affected, or you just continue to grow increasingly anxious by the rising death toll, in some way we’ve all had to come to terms with the harsh realities of modern life this past year.

Toronto-area band The Black Fever has acknowledged this hopelessness and despair with their brand new single “Pass On.” Their first new single of 2021, the song draws attention to the gloom and the melancholy that we are faced with when someone we know is beginning to enter their final chapter. It also can’t help but draw attention to the many problems and inefficiencies of our social and healthcare systems that harshly and unjustifiably punish those who need help the most.

Explaining the context and the motivation behind “Pass On,” the band shared, “It’s strange to watch a once vital person wither away before your eyes, like the scenes from a car crash slowed down for dramatic effect. While written prior to COVID-19, many of the issues exposed during the pandemic, such as an often-indifferent long-term care system, also inspired our new single. Ultimately though, this is sad paean for someone lost to a terminal illness, an unfortunate end to a tragic life.”

In their over one decade together, The Black Fever has become a well-regarded post-punk institution in their native Toronto. We previously helped get you familiar with the band a couple of years ago when we brought you the exclusive premiere of their single “Marketing.” Originally the solo project of lead singer and guitarist Shoe, The Black Fever’s debut record Romanticism was written and recorded entirely by Shoe himself. Soon after, bassist Pat Bramm and drummer Dan Purpura joined and the band has gone on to record the 2012 album Revisionist, 2014’s Midnight Century, and a couple of EPs and cassette tape releases along the way. As a live act, they’ve been a featured player at NXNE, Canadian Music Week, Indie Week, and the Hamilton Film and Music Festival.

With the year just beginning, the band has at least a few more singles heading your way in the near future.

Artwork for “Pass On” by The Black Fever