If that afternoon “Headache” has set in, well, maybe Social Iso can help with the release of their brand new music video today! This is the lead single from their forthcoming new album Life Behind The Screen, scheduled for release on February 5th when it drops via Quarter Turn Records (it’s available via Spotify).

The delightful new video is something of an introduction for Social Iso, a brand new band that’s been trying to find its footing through the murky musical waters that were the year 2020. With last year in the rearview mirror now, the trio is here to charm you with their alluring indie spirit.

Discussing the new video for “Headache,” Will Shirey said, “The video for ‘Headache’ came from an idea our friend and super talented filmmaker Stefan Allen pitched me years ago about someone who steals packages off of people’s porches just for the boxes and not the stuff in them. I loved the idea, but we didn’t have a good reason or any money to make it at the time so it never went anywhere. Whenever Social Iso started talking about picking a single and a video for this upcoming album all about life during the pandemic, I immediately called Stefan and told him we had the perfect song for his ‘porch pirate’ story. He had no idea what I was talking about… Eventually, I convinced him to come on board to direct it, and everything kind of fell together from there.”

Shirey continues, “Alex, one of the guys in the band, had just gotten the first shipment of orders in for his new business and had a stack of 300 or 400 cardboard boxes for us to use so Cameron, the third member of Social Iso, and I went to town making the wild cardboard fantasy set you see toward the end of the video. Stefan and his girlfriend Liz, who’s also a very talented filmmaker, shot the whole thing in a day and had it all edited before the song was even done being mixed and mastered!”

Social Iso formed the night before the pandemic-related cancellation of the South By Southwest festival. That night proved to be the last face to face meeting between the band members for many months. All based in Austin, Texas, the collaboration began as a casual song swap amongst three friends before it morphed into a serious endeavour, chronicling three young men’s attempt at navigating through a strange new world. Remarkably, their collaboration started to gel as they exchanged song ideas virtually from the comfort of their own homes through a shared server. Jet Jobob Rodel helped concoct the finished product at DUP Recording Studio in Burnet, Texas. Now, with the record release upon us, Social Iso are hoping for better luck and better times in 2021.

Artwork for ‘Life Behind The Screen’ by Social Iso

Life Behind The Screen Track Listing:

1. The Spread
2. Rona on Iso
3. Drive Safe
4. Shelter In Place
5. Saucin’ My Shoes
6. Unemployment
7. Life Behind The Screen Part 1
8. Quaranqueen
9. Pastime
10. Day Trading
11. Life Behind the Screen Part 2
12. New Normal
13. Headache
14. 8pm
15. Time Will Tell