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Neska Rose Delivers Her Fantastic “Familiar Traces” Music Video [Premiere]



Uncertainty. Faith. Doubt. Assurance. These are all feelings and states of mind that we struggle with all the time. Even at a given moment, you may be feeling high, and depending on your thought process, those negative thoughts may start to overpower your mind. Such is the nature of life, and if you can think back to your teen years, your entire existence was pretty much guided by these opposing emotions.

Showing wisdom beyond her years, 14-year-old Neska Rose is giving her take on this wrestling match that goes on within our minds in her new single and music video for “Familiar Traces.” Backed up by her twin sister Libi, Neska just released her debut EP on January 22nd. Confessional in nature, the EP showcases an artist who already has a firm understanding and a grasp of what she wants to accomplish with her music. All this before she can even get her driver’s license.

With some words on the “Familiar Traces” video, Neska said, “The video is inspired by the chaos that goes on in my brain. The overpowering blue and red lights represent the going back and forth between the feeling of insecurities and confidence.”

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, Neska and her family moved to Los Angeles when she was ten. By the age of five, she was learning how to play piano. Guitar followed at age eight, and then by the time she made it to LA, she was writing songs. Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish supplied her with all the influence that she needed to become a songwriter and performer herself, and you can certainly hear those influences shining through on her debut. Despite her young age, Neska has experienced a lot and this EP is a reflection of her youth and her growth as a person. Her insight into the dynamics within relationships between individuals is really quite remarkable for a person of her age.

With talent and insight as her assets, things are looking good for this young songwriter moving forward.

Artwork for ‘The Repel of a Young Girl’ by Neska Rose