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Left on the Dial – “Better Times” [Free Song Download]



Lacing Southern rock with blues and soul, Toronto quartet Left on the Dial is a roll-your-sleeves-up, pack-your-lunchpail, good-ol’-workin’-boys-and-girls type of group. And don’t worry, they deliver rock and roll with all the energy and passion that opening sentence would lead you to expect. Their debut, six-song release, Broadcast, dropped in October 2020 and introduced audiences to the solid vibes on display from this crew. From the stoic drum work to the soulful vocals, with bass and guitar slotting is just as you would hope, Left on the Dial take out all the frills and effects and holier-than-thou vibes and hit the mark direct and to the point.

If that doesn’t get you on their side right away, the group is also offering a free download of the EP’s fifth track, “Better Times,” to help win you over. The five-and-a-half-minute effort is a mellower offering than the recent single “Left on the Dial” (video below), and it showcases a mature, subtle approach to songwriting that steers listeners gently and evenly through its placid vibes.

On the Broadcast EP and “Better Times,” Left of the Dial state their case: “Overall, [Broadcast] takes listeners on a journey through some pretty tough topics, told through the musical stylings of blues, rock, and grunge with an overall flavour of early radio broadcasting and emergency transmissions. [“Better Times”] is a number taking the listener on a journey of loss and passing. A laid back minor blues number that drones and pulls you along for the ride.”

You’ve read enough at this point. Give the tune a spin and enjoy leaving the dial turned to the left.

Artwork for ’Broadcast’ by Left on the Dial