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Donnie Napier Aims to Inspire with His New Single “Don’t Want You To Go” [Premiere]



There’s just no way around it… Donnie Napier is an inspiration to any aspiring musician, artist, or individual reaching for their goals. The Nashville-based Napier is pleased to be releasing his brand new single “Don’t Want You To Go,” a touching, introspective number that’s easily relatable to anyone who has ever been through the mixed emotions of a breakup. In one respect, you may be happy to be moving on. In another, you’re upset to see that person go, even if you did reach that point where things were beyond repair. The song comes as a musical breakthrough for Napier, elevating his sound to a new place by embracing a mainstream pop sound that fits well alongside the intensely personal lyrics.

Explaining his point of view behind the new single, Napier said, “‘Don’t Want You To Go’ was a song for me that felt really special from the day that I wrote it. The lyrics came from a very real place and a situation that I have experienced. The overall vibe of the song just felt really sonically satisfying to me as well. I guess it would be categorized as a breakup song to an extent, but I feel like it’s a lot more than that. I tried to blend this bittersweet nostalgia into the lyrics combined with that very simple sentiment of ‘I know that we don’t fit together, but I just don’t want you to go.’”

He continues, “Sometimes we can have every logical reason why a relationship with a particular person didn’t work out, but our hearts still don’t get the memo. Sometimes certain people can make such a profound impact on our lives that even when it’s clear that the chapter with them is over, it’s still really hard to let go of it. I feel like it’s a very vulnerable place to be, but it’s also really therapeutic to be able to tell the story and try to navigate those feelings through a song. That’s one of the most beautiful things about songwriting to me.”

A young man with incredible resolve and determination, Napier has been up to the task literally ever since he came into this world. Born over three months prematurely, the prognosis was at times bleak. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at three years old, the odds were not in his favour, but even at a young age, Napier never allowed it to get him down. Coming from a musical family, he was exposed to music right away, and it soon becomes one of his great loves. His father was a mainstay on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in the 1970s, while his older brother went on to become the drummer for the very successful Americana singer-songwriter Margo Price. Naturally, the appeal of music began to rub off on Donnie and he set his sights on a career as a musician.


For anyone who feels like the chips are down, or things just aren’t going your way, just look to Donnie Napier if you’re looking for a shot in the arm to pursue your hopes and your dreams.

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