A lot of bands progress and mature in their songwriting, sometimes for the better, but mostly for worse. Whether they do it for mass appeal, thus gaining a new fan base, or sell out for the all-mighty dollar, this is something the groups themselves only know. Too much of the same thing isn’t necessarily a good thing, but you know what you’re paying for and there’s nothing like the initial vision. The primal bloodlust found on Sepultura’s “Bestial Devastation” and “Troops of Doom” came partially from the hands of original guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz, and it has now been reclaimed with his latest pact with the devil, simply titled The Troops of Doom.

As expected, The Troops use the same tried-and-true formula that embodied Sepultura: a combination of Slayer, Kreator, and Celtic Frost. For example, “The Rise of Heresy” is classic death-metal upheaval, but the vocals have cave-like reverb leaning towards the coldness of black metal; this is pure armageddon. “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” pulls out about every blackened, thrash death-stop you can think of, making this a standout track, while “The Confessional” could be a forgotten song straight from Sepultura’s Morbid Visions. It’s got the classic Celtic Frost breakdown where Jairo mispronounces emperor as ‘empeeror,’ which is stolen from Tom G Warrior, who mispronounced it on the Frost track “Dethroned Emperor.”

Included on The Rise of Heresy are two Sepultura classics – “Bestial Devastation” and “Troops of Doom” – but the reprises aren’t necessary as The Troops prove they can stand on their own when it comes to uniqueness. For cult-searching old Sodom, Kreator, Sarcafago, and, dare I say, Slayer’s “Hell Awaits” era, look no further. If darkness is what you seek, then take thy hand and walk into the forbidden land. This is so good it’ll make ya dig out your old battle vest, dust off the death, and smear blood in ballroom slaughter.

The Rise of Heresy Track Listing:

1. Whispering Dead Words
2. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
3. The Confessional
4. The Rise of Heresy
5. Bestial Devastation
6. Troops of Doom

Run Time: 21:03
Release Date: October 9, 2020
Record Label: Blood Blast Distribution



I was born in the late 60's amongst hippies and bikers. Cut my teeth on 70's rock and roll surrounded by motorheads and potheads, and in the 80's spread my wings and flourished as a guitarist. In the 90's I became a semi-professional musician knocking on death metals door, as well as entering the world as a freelance writer. In the 2000's I moved to Hollywood and watched the music industry crumble in front of my dreams and then took a break. Now, in the early 2020s I'm ready to rock again… or swing, blues, bluegrass, country, jazz, classical, etc. Its not so much a job to me anymore, but a great way to express myself and have a good time, and, "I know, its only rock and roll but I like it".