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Sound of Kalima Unveil Their Head-Bopping New Single, “Destroy U” [Premiere]



If you’re looking to pigeonhole Sound of Kalima, well, good luck with that. This Pacific Northwest duo defies conventional musical classifications to create an original sound that crosses over between electronic, hip-hop, soul, dance, and punk rock. It’s all neatly put on display in their latest single, “Destroy U,” a very radio-friendly song with a lot of jump to it.

The best way to describe it is simply a fun song intended for you to bop your head and mouth the words to. Despite its upbeat vibe, the title goes to no effort to hide what the song is actually about. “Destroy U” is actually a song about wanting to destroy someone, but with more of a tough-love approach than a resentful way. It’s that feeling you get when you wish you could just change someone for what you see to be the better version of themselves.

With their own insights on the song, the band said, “‘Destroy U’ is about dealing with people who can’t see past themselves to become a better person. They ask for your help and the only help you can offer them is to destroy them. It’s a song about wanting to destroy someone, but in a way that’s just tough love. It’s that feeling when you just want to change someone.”

Sound of Kalima is more than just a musical duo; they’re music makers who are masters of the recording studio. The men behind the music are Sal Verma and Peter Nieuwenburg who began their musical association seven years ago while attending The University of British Columbia. Currently based out of Vancouver, the duo’s punk rock roots extend back to the punk band that they formed shortly after meeting. They soon found themselves more taken with electronic and hip hop music which they turned into a gig producing beats and musical beds for local hip hop artists. Their musical ethos goes so far beyond just beat making to include songwriting, vocal production, promotion, artist development and more. Verma and Nieuwenburg’s ultimate goal is to maintain a human feeling to electronic music, while still delivering on everything that fans love about that genre of music.

There will be more singles to come through the next few months, along with a proper EP release also in the works. In the meantime, try not to strain your neck from all that head bobbing.

Artwork for “Destroy U” by Sound of Kalima