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London Indie Band JSA give a Track-by-Track Rundown Through New EP ‘Fools Empire’

London indie band JSA take us on a track-by-track rundown through their newly released EP ‘Fools Empire’. Read all about the EP here.



London indie band JSA have just released the video for the title-track to their latest EP Fools Empire.

Vocalist David Marley says of the new track, “It touches on the difficulties of finding the balance between work and play, and how if you spend long enough somewhere, you can see what is coming. There is so much angst in this track, and it was extremely cathartic to get that internal conversation out of my head, and on to record.”

Having checked out the track and been intrigued by what we heard, we got the band to give us a track-by-track rundown on the inpsiration behind this song and the rest of the EP here.

1. “Fools Empire”

““Fools Empire” is a song that needs to be played really loud – a good song for when you’re angry! The song is about struggling with where you are and what’s going on around you. It’s our heaviest song to date and has a cool video you can check out for it too. The song almost wasn’t meant to be as we had already started working on “Orange Juice” before lockdown hit, but “Fools Empire” came out of a jam and just grew.”


2. “Orange Juice”

“This is my favourite track on the EP. I think it’s one of the best songs we’ve written to date. The lyrics are very clear, and I think that makes them relatable. It’s a catchy tune as well, so I’m hoping it’s one that will get stuck in people’s heads. This song took the longest song to write as we had 3 months without band practice because of Coronavirus.”

3. “Down & Out”

This song is a banger! I have no shame in my belief and pride in this song. It’s a happy song with a big singalong chorus and a catchy hook. It’s definitely about being sad and stuck in a situation, but that sometimes you need to look at yourself before you can progress. We filmed the video in lockdown and I think it turned out pretty great.”


Fools Empire is out now through Undead Collective Records and you can pick up your copy here.

Artwork for ‘Fools Empire’ by JSA

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