You can run, you can hide, but sometimes you just gotta face the music… That’s what singer-songwriter Jarrod Jeremiah is trying to convey with his brand new, smooth-sounding groove “Face The Light,” his second single of the year. The slick indie-pop track incorporates some obvious electronic elements into the final production and has a really chilled-out, relaxed mood to it.

The song was written a few months into the coronavirus lockdown, at a time when everyone was feeling lonely and isolated. People often use times like these as excuses to not confront the problems in their lives, but instead, Jeremiah encourages listeners to deal with these problems head-on, even if they have to be dealt with alone. The longer problems simmer, the more trouble they end up creating. Convincing without sounding preachy, Jeremiah is convincing in his attempt to get his message across.

Commenting on developing the groove for the song, Jeremiah said, “I never imagined I could make such a unique groove feel natural. ‘Face The Light’ was easy to start but tough to finish. It’s a song to listen with your earphones in and stare out the window. Over the lockdown I worked hard to gain a following of now over 58,000 on TikTok, which by doing various fun musical remixes and experiments made me stumble across the ‘Face The Light’ groove.”

Jeremiah has come a long way for a young man who’s only 18 years old. The Australian artist and producer began drumming at a very young age and by his 15th birthday, he was beginning to learn production and mixing techniques, as well as developing his vocal skills. Much of the unbelievable progress he has made as an artist has come entirely out of his own efforts, learning via experimentation and trial and error. Jeremiah is also a classically trained musician currently pursuing a university education in music outside of his efforts as a solo artist.

Already so far ahead with still so much to learn, Jeremiah is something of a prodigy who’s going to be a musical force to be reckoned with as he continues to blossom and develop.

Artwork for “Face The Light” by Jarrod Jeremiah