From Colorado to California, with some Chicago sprinkled in, electro-rockers Iglu & Hartly found their home in the LA seaside community of Hermosa Beach, which inspired their 2008 hit, “In This City.” By 2010 the band dissolved and lay dormant for the better part of a decade before a 2019 reunion show inspired another kick at the can. The first release in Iglu & Hartly’s second act is the feel-good single “Cooler.” About a guy’s second chance to impress a girl, Iglu & Hartly embrace the triumphant spirit of trying again; more mature, smarter, sharper, and infinitely cooler.

Known for their spirited, upbeat tunes, Iglu & Hartly is a perfect fit for championing the Christmas spirit, and, right on cue, they are here to do their part. Taking it back to the glory days of the holiday movie, this Top 10 listing, which is actually only a Top 8, hits the sweet spot for every ‘90s kid. From some Hollywood blockbusters to off-beat comedies and goofball cult-classics, this is a list that celebrates the shared consciousness of millions. Enjoy the new Iglu & Hartly, enjoy the old Iglu & Hartly, and enjoy these killer flicks.

1. Die Hard (1988, Twentieth Century Fox)

“One of the most bad-ass movies ever made. We have all been obsessed with 80s action movies, and their synthesized music influence creeps into our own tracks! John McClane FOREVER. But it kind of makes us wish Robocop was an Xmas movie too. That was on constantly in the tour bus for some reason.”

2. Braveheart (1995, Icon Productions)

“Because Braveheart is one of the best movies ever made. And we say it’s an Xmas movie simply because it is even better when enjoyed during the holiday season. Also, it has a lot of awesome bagpipes that actually inspired the vibe of our new single ‘Cooler.’ You’ll notice some epic bagpipes being blown in the first bars of the track…”

3. Jingle All the Way (1996, Twentieth Century Fox)

“Of course Arnold had to make this list. Because of Terminator 2. Not even because of this movie. Just because he made Terminator 2. This happens to be an Xmas movie. It’s actually rad. Everything great about the 90s, like mass-merchandised toys, and hyper-aggressive shopping – which is very Xmas. Check it out.”

Artwork for “Cooler” by Iglu & Hartly

4. Bad Santa (2003, Columbia Pictures)

“Your essential alcoholic mall-Santa viewing. Go have a laugh cuz Billy Bob Thornton and his elf are robbing the malls they work in as Santa and his elf. But def leave the kiddies at home because this gets dirty…also don’t go near mall Santas…or malls. Because…Covid.”

5. Batman Returns (1992, Warner Bros.)

“This is how the weirdos of Gotham City celebrate Xmas. It’s almost the Anti-Xmas movie. But one of the best. Yes, it’s an Xmas movie, end of story…”

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000, Universal Pictures)

Jim Carrey is a living legend in this movie. He has to wear this insane green outfit with a giant beer belly and lives in a really cool cave at the top of a mountain. He goes into people’s homes and steals their toys and decorations. Does he find his heart at the end? Watch and find out! Essential viewing for all holiday shoppers.”

7. A Very Harold & Kumar Xmas (2011, New Line Cinema)

“Pack the green and settle in for some stoner heavy good laughs. Spoiler alert: they accidentally shoot Santa down from the sky on Xmas night. Kind of heavy actually thinking back on it. Maybe have an extra eggnog for this Xmas viewing we think!”

8. Home Alone (1990, Twentieth Century Fox)

John Hughes had the best 80s and 90s flicks period. Jarvis Anderson (singer) and Luis Rosiles (drummer) grew up in Chicago, kind of close to where this was filmed, and Home Alone captures wintertime in suburban Chicago perfectly. Cozy with an extra side of residential crime. CLASSIC.”