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Watch Chonna’s New Music Video then “Do It Again” [Premiere]

On her latest single, “Do It Again,” Chonna’s mission is to help you concentrate on conjuring up those positive vibes of which we’re in oh so much need.




It’s hard to deny that, for many, this entire year has been one giant ball of confusion and negativity. When you look back on it down the road, it’s rather unlikely that you’ll feel any degree of positivity, unless perhaps you achieved some personal accomplishment. With the year winding down, we could all benefit from refocusing our perspectives toward something better, which is exactly what’s on the mind of Chonna.

On her latest single, “Do It Again,” the artist’s mission is to help you concentrate on conjuring up those positive vibes of which we’re in oh so much need. Essentially, we should seek to listen, to love, and then “Do It Again.” Along with the single’s release comes an accompanying colourful new music video, featuring Cristelle showing off her artistic skills in a sort of half-animated, half-real reality. It’s vibrant, and flashy, and effectively channels the energy of the song.

Commented Chonna:

“COVID-19 has left us all feeling a little trapped. Stuck in our homes, our rooms, minds wandering and dwelling on what lies ahead. ‘Do It Again,’ inspires having a little fun within the confinement of these walls we are being forced to live in. I want us all to colour outside the lines and dance across the sky while we wait out this madness. Listen. Love. Then, ‘Do It Again.’”

Chonna’s story began in Texas, but since then she has found her way around the world and experienced life in all of its varieties. This has helped her develop a more worldly approach to not only life, but also her songwriting which can be best described as a dose of indie soul, with a rock n’ roll edge. Chonna doesn’t hesitate to look back to the tougher times in her life in the hopes of sharing her story with someone who may be able to relate.

That’s exactly what she does on her new Ink Blot EP, particularly the title track where she runs through some tumultuous experiences in order to illustrate how they can help improve you as a person, rather than just burying them and acting like they never happened. In doing this, Chonna isn’t just a musician, but acts as something like a storyteller, here to remind you to be yourself, do your own thing, and not to hide yourself away. When it comes to her art as well as her everyday life, it’s all about authenticity for Chonna Chonna. What you see is what you get, and in this instance what you get is a highly satisfying result.

Artwork for “Do It Again” by Chonna

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