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Rob Lundberg Presents “Uncontaminated Sound – The Interviews” EP #19 with Musician Dayglow



Rob Lundberg Presents Uncontaminated Sound

Guided by artistic desire and determination, Robert Lundberg has become a highly regarded photographer and filmmaker, known for his ingenious documentaries covering the spectrum of music, comedy, art, and film. After spending his childhood in Massachusetts, Lundberg moved to New York City where he could more seriously pursue a full-time career in art and film. An individual who relishes the prospect of new challenges, Lundberg chose to pursue one of his most ambitious projects earlier this year when he launched his new documentary series entitled Uncontaminated Sound – The Interviews.

Debuting in February, the series follows comedians, musicians, fine artists, and actors with the goal in mind to gain a certain insight into their creative processes which can only be fully deciphered by truly going behind the scenes. Lundberg’s primary aim with the series is to offer an intimate look into all of the rarely seen or known “little things” that take place during interviews and other similar social and private interactions with artists and performers. These features are often sluggishly edited, capturing only certain moments that are often heavily vetted by the producers in charge. But that’s not how Lundberg chooses to work within his creative space. His primary endeavour is to bring you all of the real, raw, authentic moments that you would never otherwise have the opportunity to experience and enjoy.

With Halloween behind us and the cold weather staring us down, it’s time for another new episode of Uncontaminated Sound – The Interviews. In episode #19, Lundberg is joined indie-pop artist Dayglow. Wise and capable well beyond his years, Dayglow began to emerge in a big way in the fall of 2018 upon the release of his debut album, Fuzzybrain. Featuring bright textures, bouncing melodies, and glowing vocals, the album is a forthright examination of isolation, anxiety, and loss.

Despite its serious subject matter, however, Dayglow, or as he’s otherwise known, Sloan Struble, is not someone who thrives on negativity in his songwriting. His goal is to use music as an outlet to try to make people feel better about themselves, and in turn hopefully feel the urge to treat others better. There’s an optimistic undertone that strings its way through Fuzzybrain’s ten tracks, and ultimately a unique sincerity that easily resonates with listeners who are looking for some honesty in their music. The album was re-released last year with two brand new tracks with the new version a more fully realized release than the original.

Originally from Aledo, Texas, a suburb of Forth Worth where football reigns supreme, Dayglow felt out of place throughout most of his youth. He struggled to feel connected to what his classmates valued and were interested in which caused him to look elsewhere for meaning and motivation which he found in music. Music became an escape from the day to day realities of Aledo, and instead of focusing on homework, he would come home and work on writing songs. By his teens, music became something of an obsession for Dayglow and remarkably, he kept his songwriting almost entirely to himself and continued to learn as he went along. Despite his young age, Dayglow is an extraordinarily polished artist who’s only continuing to grow.


Commenting on his conversation with Dayglow, Lundberg said, “When one listens to indie pop musician Dayglow, one can’t help but smile. The name radiates positivity and pairs nicely with Sloan’s fuzzy upbeat pop electro sound. In tandem with tunes the Austin, Texas-based 20 something produces fun light hearted youthful videos filled with colour and digital visuals that brings one back to early 1990s graphics.

However, surreal it may have been on my end to sit down with a person ten years younger, (I couldn’t help but wonder to myself where time went), these thoughts dissipated when I was greeted with a warm smile and positive artistic vibe. This was a month or so into the new world, the beginning of May, thus we kicked off the convo about adapting, supporting working musicians, and just how in the world his path as a serious musician took off.

In a seemingly dark and gloomy time, the world needs a bit of glow. Dayglow doesn’t provide solutions, what he does provide is an outlet for people to positively engage with, and that is quite enough.”

Lundberg has many more interviews to come with acclaimed artists who have agreed to be participants in Uncontaminated Sound – The Interviews in the coming weeks and months. Lundberg has already been bringing you his ongoing series Uncontaminated Sound which takes a look behind the scenes to get a look at performers before they take the stage. The series has featured Macklemore’s Gemini Tour featuring Eric Nally (formerly of Foxy Shazam) and Xperience, Louie Anderson, Sinbad, Ron English, We Are Scientists, Rufus Wainwright and more. Lundberg’s photography has been highlighted in publications such as Huffington Post, Paste Magazine and more.