MarkKaz” Kasprzyk is in a pensive state of mind with his brand new single “Long Way to Heaven.” The song can be found on Kasprzyk and his band Redlight King’s brand new album Moonshine which was released earlier this year via Parts + Labor Records. Along with the release of “Long Way to Heaven” as a single, the group has also shot an accompanying music video, filmed amongst the beautiful scenery of Death Valley, California.

In said video, Kasprzyk performs the song perched high atop the mountains, with a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes that help in making this a truly moving performance. He originally was motivated to write the song as a tribute to his late father with whom Kaz had a very close relationship. It was his father, a schoolteacher, who first got his son interested in music, exposing him to the all-time greats of blues music such as John Lee Hooker, B.B. King, and Little Walter.

With some thoughtful insight into both the song and the music video, Kasprzyk said. “Having gone through a lot of loss in the past few years of my life, I wanted to write an honest piece of music. It’s a reflective song about the human condition, and I believe the listener will be able to relate and perhaps use it towards coping and moving past these difficult moments in our lives.

Shooting the video for ‘Long Way To Heaven’ was an amazing experience. Amongst all this social distancing right now, my talented friend Strati Havartos and I decided to shoot it ourselves. He had been scouting locations over the past year in California and had the idea to shoot my performance on a road where the locations look vastly different. The wild mustang horses was a highlight for me and the fact we were able to get so close to them was absolutely amazing. The underlying abstract concept was for every location to represent the journey of place and time in your life. For example, the wild horses represented my youth, being on the road, taking chances and breaking the law.”

Artwork for “Long Way to Heaven” by Redlight King

Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Kasprzyk moved down to Los Angeles about ten years ago to more seriously pursue a career in music. Looking back, it’s remarkable how much he has evolved as a musician in that time. Much of his previous work was rooted in a type of hybrid between rock and hip-hop. But like all great musicians, Kasprzyk has evolved as an artist, immersing himself in his blues roots where he feels more at home.

Intent on not making the same record repeatedly, he was enthusiastic about pursuing a new musical direction that demonstrates how he has evolved as a musician. Moonshine is a record that took Kasprzyk a lot of years of maturing to be able to make, coming from a more genuine place than his previous work. This is the most in control of his music that he has ever felt, and with a new outlook and a lot of positivity towards this new direction, Kasprzyk is ready to let the music take him to places he at one time would have never dared to travel.

Artwork for ‘Moonshine’ by Redlight King