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Charleene Closshey is Feeling Festive on Her “Evergreen” Music Video [Premiere]



Christmas time is almost here and it couldn’t have come soon enough. After a long year, the mood is right for a little holiday cheer and here to contribute is Charleene Closshey and her new music video for “Evergreen.” The song is originally from the film An Evergreen Christmas, released in 2014 with Closshey serving in the starring role as EvergreenEvieLee, along with Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia, Naomi Judd, and Tyler Ritter.

The festive tune now acts as the title track to Closshey’s brand new, 20-track album, with the record also acting as the first of several feature film soundtracks that she has provided the score for. You may be wondering why an album based on a film that was released six years ago is just coming out now. Well, the reason for that is, Closshey is naturally a perfectionist when it comes to everything she does. It took a matter of years for her to finetune these songs to a level she was pleased with, even rerecording the vocals tracks from the soundtrack for the album release.

Explaining what this song means to her, Closshey said, “The holidays bring a bevy of emotions to the surface every year, from joy to nostalgia to sorrow. It’s a time when memories become the moment, and sometimes those moments are deeply confronting. Other times, those moments are what gets us through the day. To me, this song really captures the depth and breadth of the holidays are, a time of laughter and tears, and time to remember while we make new memories. It’s all here, happening now.”

Regarding the music video, the singer and actress added, “The song is the big payoff in the movie An Evergreen Christmas after our heroine has just rediscovered her own ‘voice’ and is empowered to make strong choices. And, we’re in the middle of a joyful community Christmas gathering where the raucous laughter of friends and family can’t help but make everyone feel at home. This year of all years, I especially love the feeling this music video captures. We all need a little community, a little laughter, and a lot of love this holiday.”

Born and raised in Plant City, Florida, Closshey was inspired to pursue a career in music and film by the massive mainstream country concerts she frequented as a child and young woman. She has gone on to have a hugely successful career, not just in music and film, but also as a Broadway actress in the musical Once. Evergreen is her fifth studio album release and the follow up to her first holiday album Christmas Time Is Here, released last year and recorded with the multiple Grammy Award winning producer Brent Maher.

Interestingly enough, Closshey decided to oversee Evergreen nearly entirely on her own, self-producing it under a strict deadline she set for herself. Much of the record was produced in her Los Angeles area living room with a 24-note keyboard and a rented violin. “Evergreen” and fellow album track “Apple of Your Eye” were both written by the talented Australian songwriting duo of Nick Everitt and Liesl Karlsson. Closshey’s hope is that these songs provide listeners with a bit of healing and happiness that they can inject into their lives.

It may have been time consuming, but being the perfectionist that she is, Charleene Closshey has delivered some of her best work to date and something that will bring you a lot of festive cheer in an otherwise difficult time this season.

Artwork for ‘An Evergreen Christmas’ by Charleene Closshey