If you’re a metal band and you’re collaborating then it’s all about going as hard as you can, which is exactly what Danish band Siamese have done on their current single, “Home.” Teaming up with Stray From The Path frontman Drew York, the collaboration has caused quite a stir in the metal scene. We spoke with lead singer Mirza Radonjica about how the collaboration came together, who else they want to work with and, more importantly, what they’ve been binge-watching on Netflix.

Pick up your copy of “Home” on the band’s official Bandcamp page. With a bit of luck, Siamese will be heading to the UK in February 2021 for a short U.K. tour. (See below for tour dates.)

Thanks for your time. How is life treating you at the moment?

Mirza Radonjica: “As good as it can get I guess. Playing a show tonight. Longest period without shows in 15 years but I got a new dog out of the situation. She is very cute.”

The release of the new single has met with a lot of excitement, you must be pleased with the feedback?

“Yes! I think it’s the most excitement a song from us has EVER meet. So this is how it feels to release good songs. Might have to do that more often, eh? Also shoutout to Drew! He makes the song three times better than it is.”

You collaborated with Drew from Stray From The Path on it, how did that come about and how did it work given the lockdown restrictions?

“I am a massive Stray fan and I knew from the get-go that I wanted him on this track. We sent the track to him and he loved it. It took no longer than ten days for him to do his own parts. What a guy. And I am humbled by his talent. Simply amazing voice.”

Are there any other collaborations in the pipeline and who would be your ultimate collaboration be with?

“I know Jamie Hails from Polaris likes us. I’m gonna try and get him on. Also, Miss Laplante from Spiritbox would be a good one. I have a dream to put Tillian Pearson on a track too. We’ll see what happens.”

The song “Home” was written during lockdown. Will the current situation inspire future material?

“No. No need to ride a tired horse. I went through a divorce last year. I think some of the songs will deal with that. And Andreas (Krüger), who is the other writer, also went through some relationship things. I think it’s all going to be about showcasing the true colour of things in the lyrics. Or at least trying to.”

On that subject, what are your plans for future material? When can we expect more new material?

“We will release more songs sooner than later. Some singles a couple of months apart with an album hopefully coming together in 2021.”

Artwork for ‘Home’ by Siamese

You’re currently planning on touring the UK in February 2021. Will this be your first visit to the UK and what are you expecting?

“Nah, we have been playing for like two to three people in the UK back when we began. I think we began in 2016. Now there are more people coming to see us, thank God, and we played a sold-out show in London in October of last year. Can’t recall the name of the venue. Think it was 02 Academy. So the little February run is going to be our fifth time in the UK.”

Like we discussed earlier, the new single was written during lockdown. How has life changed for you personally over the last six months?

“I got a dog. I got my livelihood threatened by a virus, which is some Netflix shit. I got divorced. I moved flats twice. Found love again. Saved my business. Wrote some really good tunes with my mate Andreas. Had a lot of parties ending at 12 and now at 10. Got an Australian, Japanese, American, and European tour cancelled alongside some festivals. So, life was somehow pretty normal. A lot of good and a lot of bad things happened. This would normally happen in a time span of five years. To me, this all happened in six months. And they say life gets trivial after a while…”

What is life in Copenhagen like and how has it changed?

“The live scene is getting back on its feet but, other than the social distancing, it’s normal. I really don’t like talking about the pandemic so apologies for my short answer.”

I believe you recorded the video for “Home” at a location where Netflix filmed The Rain. Any ideas for unusual locations for future videos?

“It’s just nearby as it is a Danish series. Anyone can walk in and get it done actually. For our next video, I think we will be in the studio and do it live so all of you can see how we do.”

While we’re on lockdown what are you all binge-watching on Netflix?

“Saw This Is Us on Prime Video the other day. Also the Tottenham Hotspur (English football team) documentary, All or Nothing is good entertainment. I’m an Arsenal fan and I love when Tottenham fail.”

Thanks for your time, Can you just sum up 2020 for Siamese and tell us what your hopes are for 2021?

“Let’s get 2020 over with. 2021 is going to be unexpected I believe. Thank you for taking the time to ask me some questions!”

Upcoming Tour Dates:

02/19 – Guildford – Casino Nightclub
02/20 – Bristol – The Crofters Rights
02/22 – Newcastle – Head of Steam
02/23 – Manchester – The Factory
02/24 – Birmingham – Dead Wax


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