Who says rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have riffs anymore? Toronto-based, hard rock quartet One In The Chamber beg to differ. Since their 2018 studio debut, these dudes have been mainlining gritty, snarling classic rock with no end in sight. With a new single setting airwaves alight, One In The Chamber is mixing their experience, raging energy, and sharp-as-nails chops into one intoxicating cocktail. Intrigued? The boys are here to help by offering their recent single, “Blow,” as a free song download.

The tune gets right to the point with its primal guitar riff taking center stage. Once the chorus explodes at the minute-mark, there’s no going back. You’re hooked. One In The Chamber knows how to reel you in, but they also know how to deliver. “Blow” hits hard and leaves an oh-so-satisfying bruise.

On the killer track, One In The Chamber drummer Gerrod Harris offers the following:

“‘Blow’ is our latest single and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! This track is a long time in the making and we are beyond proud of what we’ve accomplished with this song. As a band, we’re pushing boundaries with our songwriting and performance – ‘Blow’ is best enjoyed with the stereo cranked up to eleven!”

You heard the man. Channel your inner Spinal Tap energy, and crank it up!

Artwork for “Blow” by One In The Chamber