Unpretentious, modest, laid back, and full of down-home spirit; all highly appropriate ways to describe the unmistakable Mitchel Evan. The singer-songwriter is raring to go with his brand new music video for “Band-Aid,” the lead single from his soon to come self-titled album. A fun, rootsy kind of experience, the video features Evan out and appreciating the best of the outdoors, intermixed with performance shots of he and his band playing the song.

The talented ensemble that compose Evan’s band are known as The Saboteurs, a group of musicians that he recently formed to back him up, both live and in the studio. “Band-Aid” is an enticing slice of Americana with major feel good vibes that make this song the perfect backyard jam while you’re trying to enjoy a sunny weekend afternoon.

“I wrote ‘Band-Aid’ shortly after moving from Colorado, where I had lived for four years, to my home state of Virginia,” explained Evan. “It was a strange, lonely, painful time for me. I was mourning the death of my partner of over a year in addition to grieving the loss of our relationship and my entire life and community left behind in the Rocky Mountains. The songs were my true confidant and I found solace in them during this time. The songs helped me sort it all out, as they always have. It took a while, but eventually, I found a creative community and a good group of friends to lean on and replace the painful memories with happy ones. I’m sure they were quite unaware of the service they provided me at the time, but I came to them wounded and they helped me recover.

‘Band-Aid,’ the song, and the music video for it, is about healing through friends and fellowship. It is about taking pain and hardship and turning it into something positive and useful, through music. The video, in particular, is about moving from solitude into community and finding one’s place among peers and kindred spirits.”

Colorado is the location where Evan ultimately developed his craft as a musician. It was a place that was conducive to the type of songwriting he was interested in pursuing and proved to be inspirational in him pursuing new landscapes, both literally and figuratively. He polished his style while frequently touring the western U.S. where his honest and confessional songwriting approach earned him praise and validation through hundreds of live shows. Despite the productivity of living out west, Evan’s heart ultimately led him back to his native Virginia where he now lives on a horse farm. With conviction and confidence, Evan is happy to be soldiering on, living the life he wants to, and writing music that feels true to him.

Artwork for ‘band-aid’ by Mitchel Evan