Austin, TX-based singer-songwriter Eli Tidmore deftly combines pop, rock, blues, and Motown to envelop listeners in a lush, accessible-yet-sophisticated world of smooth vocals, soaring guitars, and gentle rhythms.  Since his 2017 debut, – the aptly-named ChameleonTidmore has built his varying, versatile sound into a precisely polished organism. One needs to look no farther than his new EP, E T 2 (Sept 25, Ancient Citrus Records), for proof. The three-song release is drenched in dense, luscious brass work and all of the sharpest melodies one could ask for.

Following June 2020’s E T 1, E T 2 is the second instalment in Tidmore’s ‘E T Saga,’ and its smooth-listening single, “My Couch,” has a music video dropping on Oct 30th. In celebration of the quirky, green-screen-packed video, Eli is joining us for a track-by-track exploration of E T 2 to bring audiences deeper into the dazzling sonic comforts of his newest EP.

1. “Sweet”

“I started working on this song very early this year and lived with the demo for a bit because I knew there was something special about it. I wanted to write a song that had a distinct Motown flavor but it took several attempts to get the lyrics just right. At first, it was more of a bitter song about dealing with the aftermath of a hectic breakup, but it turned into something more positive by shifting the focus to the here and now and how quickly things can make a change for the better (hence the working title, ‘Unpredictable’). Brennan Johns provided the horns and Glenn Welman provided the drums. Everything else was recorded by me over the summer. The song was mixed and mastered by Dave Parra.”

2. “My Couch”

“The working title of the song was ‘Quarantine Love.’ I wrote the song for my girlfriend after having the experience of falling in love over the summer. It came from this weird place where, while the pandemic was making the world seem dire, I had an odd stroke of good luck that made me feel a bit out of step with the world around me. It enhanced that feeling of ‘it’s you and me, so let’s make the most of this strange situation.’ I spent a lot of time crafting the guitars in this song as I wanted something with colorful layers without being too maximalist. “My Couch” is the EP’s lead single and is accompanied by a video out soon. Glenn Welman provided the drums and the song was mixed and mastered by Dave Parra. Everything else was recorded by me over the summer.”

3. “Falling Down”

“I wanted to write a song from the perspective of two people falling in love while the world is ending around them – not a pandemic, but something more dramatically apocalyptic, like bombs, heh. When I started writing this song in April I knew there was something nice and breezy about the chord progression. So the song sort of just came naturally after that. It was definitely more of a guitar-driven song at first, but I think the main piano line adds a nice delicate touch that really elevates it to another level. Also, it really makes that guitar solo shine. Anybody who listens to me, knows how I like my guitar solos. Glenn Welman provided the drums and the song was mixed and mastered by Dave Parra. Everything else was recorded by me over the summer.”

Artwork for ‘E T 2’ by Eli Tidmore