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Discover Your Inner Strength with the Help of Keemosabe’s New Track, “All is One” [Premiere]

Let Italian alt-rock band Keemosabe help you discover your inner strength with our exclusive premiere of their new track “All Is One”.



Inspired by bands like Biffy Clyro and The Amazons, today sees fast-rising Italian alt-rock trio Keemosabe drop their thunderous debut album, Look Closer. To celebrate the release, we’re exclusively streaming the opening track from the album, “All Is One.” The song is the follow-up to the dazzling, heist inspired, tongue-in-cheek track “Out of the City Pt. 2” released earlier this Summer as a taster to the album.

Speaking about the new track, the Italian band had this to say: “‘All is One’ is the opening track of our debut album Look Closer. The song gives you the key to understand the whole message around our vision, everything out there is trying to divide people but, hey, let’s stay together, we are strong, ‘All Is One.’ Everyone is facing some kind of personal problem in day by day life, everyone is feeling the same struggle. We are empowered human beings only when we share our deep and meaningful love. ‘All is One’ is the portrait of a Universe where even the smallest living creature conceals a greater inner strength.”

The alt-rock band spent a good portion of their career located in both New York and London before relocating back to their home country. We spoke to Keemosabe to find out how living in such culturally diverse cities as New York and London inspired their sound, what it was like recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, and what life in Italy has been like during lockdown.

Thanks for premiering your track with us, is this a good taster of what we can expect from the album?

“Thank you for your giving space to our music on your fantastic site! Absolutely, “All is One” is the opening song of the album and it’s one of our favourite tunes to play live.”

What can you tell our readers about Keemosabe? You’ve spent years living in London and New York but moved back to Italy, what was the reason behind that move?

“We are a three-piece band from Lake Maggiore, Italy. Despite our origins, we always had a strong connection to American and British music, and as soon as we finished high school, we had the incredible opportunity to move to the U.S. and move our first steps as professional musicians. That gave us the idea to start a project like Keemosabe that could allow us to travel around the world doing what we love. However, since it was fundamental for us to have a personal space where we could create music and contents far away from distractions, we decided to move back to the Italian countryside, where we live and record music in a little house on the lake.”

Artwork for ‘Look Closer’ by Keemosabe

What did you learn about being in a band living in such culturally diverse scenes as the London and New York scenes?

“London and New York are certainly two different cities in many ways, and that of course reflects in their respective music scenes. While New York is a city that is deeply tied to the Jazz and Swing, London has been the capital of many music genres developed in Europe for almost a century. Apart from that, we can tell that in a globalised world like the one we live in, many differences are slowly disappearing, and both New York and London are constantly absorbing new traditions from different cultures of the world. As a band, we find really exciting the fact that with this globalisation of music, it is possible for us to find potential fans in the most disparate locations: possibilities are infinite!”

You recorded at Abbey Road Studios, what was that like, and did you have your photo taken on the infamous crossing?

”It was a memorable experience. Recording in the same rooms where your heroes recorded some of the best artistic masterpieces of human mankind certainly puts you under a lot of pressure. We did have a lot of fun though, also because we ended up recording there because of our incredible fans, who helped us with crowdfunding.”

The album is out today, what are your plans to promote it?

“We couldn’t be happier at this moment. Sure, it is a very different scenario in comparison to the one we were expecting a year ago. Our project is fully meant for live shows and bringing people together in the same space, so it is very tough for us to accept the fact that we won’t be able to play a proper show at least until 2022. However, we are trying to come up with different ideas to promote it, including some very special merchandising: we are currently preordering a limited edition T-Shirt where you can fully customise your own design!”

Life during lockdown has been tough for everyone but more so it would seem in Italy, what have your experiences been like?

“It was a very surreal moment, we spent 80 days closed inside our houses. The most frightening thought about it is that it’s likely that we can go back to that same situation in the near future. That would be really heavy to bear psychologically, so it is fundamental that we keep on respecting social distances and follow the rules that we are given, at least until we’ll know something more about this virus.”

What are your hopes for the future and looking past this year and into 2021?

”We are really hoping to reach as many people as possible with our new album Look Closer. We are really proud of this record and our main aim still remains to travel the world and give comfort to people with our music. We are also working on new songs already, so we suggest our fans to be ready for a lot of new goodies!”

Keemosabe release their debut album, Look Closer, today and you can pick up your copy from here.

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