Deadscape is a gentle, bubblegum-pop outfit whose hopeful, uplifting tunes give you the joy needed to complete all of your suburban errands in record time….yeah right. Deadscape is what the name suggests: melodic death metal likely to inspire cathartic bouts of headbanging and arson. Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, the quintet is firmly embedded in the Scandanavian tradition of death metal, but they go about it with their own unique flair. There’s a ton of double bass and impressive sweep picking, and more than enough personality to sink your teeth into.

The band recently dropped their debut EP, Demo 2020and are generously offering audiences a free download of the track, “The Artist”. The tune starts innocently enough, but you’re quickly pulled into the riotous realms of Deadscape’s heavy metal. Lead vocalist Mirela Kaneva absolutely crushes the harsh vox while Ani Dimitrova fleshes out the solid guitar work, reminding everyone in the metal world that women can rock with the best of the best. The dual female component will hopefully not be noteworthy soon enough, but in the still-male-dominated world of heavy metal, it helps Deadscape stand out from the crowd.

On “The Artist” Deadscape founder and lead guitarist Ivan Bratoev says the following:

“Long ago, by the time Deadscape was mostly an idea, I had the following experience: I was lying on a bench by the docks in my hometown, just chilling and looking at the sky. It was that time of dusk, when the sky switches from nautical twilight to astronomical twilight – the pastel shades of deep blue give way to solid black with the brightest of the stellar object just appearing, and I thought about ‘The Artist’ – Мother Nature – who, having painted the sky for us, erases her day’s creation to give way for us to see the stars. It was at that moment that the main melody first rang in my head.”

There you go. From the sunsets of Bulgaria to the ears of the world, Deadscape is here for your enjoyment!

Artwork for ‘Demo 2020’ by Deadscape