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Celebrate Individuality with Added Color’s “Less Like Me” Music Video [Premiere]



We are adding a little colour to your day by making it a little darker… That’s all the result of Brooklyn, New York’s Added Color and the coming release of their brand new EP, If You Had It All, due out on November 13th. The EP promises to be the gloomiest release from the band yet, a factor hinted at with their brand new song and music video for “Less Like Me,” the EP’s second single. The song succeeds in emphasizing the group’s ultimate message that they try to convey to audiences through their music; show respect for others, be comfortable with yourself, and define yourself. In other words, embrace being unique…

With more insight into “Less Like Me,” singer and guitarist Kiko Freiberg said, “Who are you? Do our surroundings define who we are? If so, are we truly valuing the right things as a society? ‘Less Like Me’ celebrates rebelliousness and individuality so we can pursue a life of fulfillment and happiness. Is that not the point of living? And even if you had it all, would you be just the same? The way you are?”

Regarding the backstory behind the writing of If You Had It All, Freiberg’s brother, drummer Daniel Freiberg added, “After touring nonstop for two years, we got tired of witnessing how much our society is designed for failure. Too many towns look the same and are run by the same corporations. We are slowly losing our individuality, future, and ability to dream. Feeling frustrated and hopeless, we decided to lock ourselves in a basement with our instruments and see where the music took us. This EP really marks a new beginning for Added Color. It is darker, more real, and clearer than anything we have done before.”

The Freiberg brothers, both from Brazil, are the sparkplug that ignites Added Color. After moving to the United States, they met bassist Danny Dahan, and guitarist Tim Haggerty in 2014 and after some sonic experimentation, Added Color was born. Their debut EP, Psycho, was released in 2017 which introduced their propensity for heavy and urgent themes expressed through the diversity of rock music, pulling from the world’s of hard rock, funk, alternative, and world music. With an appealing and authentic sound, the band has been a big hit on the live circuit, making a name for themselves among the many small clubs in New York City, but also at some of the most massive rock festivals in the world, such as The Monsters of Rock Festival.

With the touring world currently on ice for the foreseeable future, Added Color is taking this time to accentuate the importance of doing things your own way because really, what other way is there?

Artwork for “Less Like Me” by Added Color