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Basic Elements Take You Behind the Scenes of Their Latest Single, “Hide” [Video Premiere]



If you’re looking for all the Basic Elements of ‘80s new wave, well, they’re all here, right for the taking. The recently reformed band is back and better than ever with their brand new single “Hide” and its accompanying behind-the-scenes video of the making of the song. The clip offers you a first-person perspective on what it was like when the group and producer Ed Buller convened in Glenwood Palace Studios in October 2019 to record together.

“Hide” will take you back to the time when Simple Minds and Duran Duran were the marquee names in the industry and music was a little more freewheeling than it is today. The track was written and recorded with Buller, a master at achieving that vintage new wave sound and the former keyboardist of The Psychedelic Furs. Buller also worked with the members of Basic Elements on four other new singles which will be released in 2021 which will then be followed be followed by a vinyl pressing of all five songs.

On the band’s collaboration with Buller, synth specialist Jonathan Goldman said, “If you told the teenage kids who wrote this song that one day they’d record it (and others) with one of the guys from The Psychedelic Furs we’d be pretty confused. But right now… it totally makes sense.”

Added the rest of the band, “Going into Glenwood Studios with Ed was incredible. You can feel its history. Zappa, The Go-Go’s, Heart, Black Eyed Peas… When we were there we had Big Sean in one studio and Bruno Mars on the other side, but the Glenwood team made us feel like rock stars. We tried to channel all that energy and history into these songs with Ed’s stewardship. We hope it shows.”

Basic Elements originally established themselves within the overlooked Arizona music scene of the 1980s where they became a staple of a burgeoning scene that included the Gin Blossoms, Gentlemen After Dark, and Caterwaul. By 1990, they had gone their separate ways and the directions they went in couldn’t have been any more dissimilar, with the band members moving on to become a sculptor, a television producer, a video game lawyer, a real estate agent, and a graphic artist. After a reunion show at Mint in Los Angeles came together, it was game on again for Basic Elements which led to the recording of some songs originally written in the band’s heyday. “Hide” was written during the Cold War and features anti-authoritarian lyrics prevalent to that time which also happen to feel very current based on our present circumstances. This is more than just an ‘80s throwback. Basic Elements are back and they’re here to stay.

Artwork for “Hide” by Basic Elements