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Abandoned Souls Gaze Intensely Through the “Blinding Darkness” [Song Premiere]



If you’re yearning for some stadium rock since you’ve been shut out of it now for over seven months, then can we interest you in a musical rendezvous with Abandoned Souls? A song that would stand up and stand out for its heavy, precise riffs, supersized presence, and assaulting ambience, the group just released their brand new single “Blinding Darkness.”

The release of the song is a return of sorts for Abandoned Souls, and oh what a return it is. Their first new single since 2017, the song showcases the London, Ontario rockers in perhaps their finest, most determined moment to date. This song rocks so hard that even Guns N’ Roses would be envious…

Commenting on the lead up to the writing and recording of “Blinding Darkness” and how they wound up delivering this powerful track, the band said, “It has been a long road to get here with some hurdles along the way. After the release, subsequent shows, and promotion for Make It Last, we had to take some time to build a new studio to record in after moving out of the original Foundation Studio. We continued to play shows during this time but new music being released was put on the back burner until we had the new space finished.

In mid-2019 we had begun the writing and demo process for new songs. We started tracking for ‘Blinding Darkness’ towards the end of 2019. Then in early 2020 as we are all aware, the world changed. That put a huge wrench in our plans so, like everyone we had to adapt. We already had drums and bass tracked for ‘Blinding Darkness.’ (Guitarist) Derek (De Kort) recorded his entire guitar at his home and sent me the tracks to re-amp thru his amp here at the studio. I also recorded all the vocals during the pandemic shutdown. Luckily, I own the studio and had lots of time to mix and refine the song during this time. It is the first release from the new Foundation Studio and we are super excited for everyone to hear it! A video will follow shortly after. We will soon be back to tracking more new music and plan to resume live shows again hopefully next year.”

A chemistry that has been constructed brick by brick through many years of playing together, the members of Abandoned Souls grew up on a steady dose of Metallica, Judas Priest, Alter Bridge, and Alice In Chains. They chose the name Abandoned Souls in reference to all of those in the world who have at one time or another felt like an outcast. It is through the common bond formed through the love of hard rock which binds us all together and offers us a feeling of belonging, an MO that we can certainly stand behind. There’s plenty to love about Abandoned Souls so let us rally the troops and get behind something we can all believe in; the power of rock n’ roll.

Artwork for ‘Blinding Darkness’ by Abandoned Souls