Danish rockers, Volbeat have launched Volbeat Rum III, the latest addition to the band’s growing portfolio of spirits. This new release is, according to a recent press release, “…a hand-selected, premium blend sourced in The Dominican Republic, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Guatemala, and Trinidad. Dark, complex, and aged up to 15 years, it exhibits flavour notes of exotic dried fruits, caramel, and wood. The 43% alcohol by vol. libation is bottled in the Netherlands for Conquer Spirits/AMKA.”

Commenting on the news, vocalist and guitarist Michael Poulsen shares, “You will never taste anything like it.” He continues, “If you learn how to mix it right, and do it right, it is something you can drink easily. When you are a youngster, you can’t afford to buy good liquor. You start with crappy beers and just want to get buzzed. As you get older, you discover better beers. We had our own beer for a short while and went through a process to find the right taste. Later on, I got into whiskey. You start with a standard whiskey and think it’s the best thing in the world until you discover the higher quality stuff.”

He concludes, “The good thing about rum is that it’s not always about the price. You can make a quality product at a decent price. It’s about how you blend it and the process.”

A shot of Volbeat’s “Rum III”

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