If you’re a lover of new wave and ‘80s alternative music, then the song title “Send Me An Angel” should surely ring a bell. The song is, of course, a classic of its era, originally written, performed, and released in 1983 by Australian synth-pop band Real Life. “Send Me An Angel” was Real Life’s most shining moment, the band’s most notorious song that introduced the world to their one-of-a-kind synth sound.

Thirty-seven years after its release, New York City group Opium Ink has put a whole new, modern spin on the song, making it sound relevant for the modern era while also doing the original justice. The band members were motivated to remake the song because it’s one that has always stood out for them amongst their all-time favourites. They’ve certainly rocked the song and infused it with an industrial touch but at the same time, they’ve maintained the song’s ‘80s character.

Commenting on the cover, the band members noted, “‘Send Me An Angel’ is a song we’ve always loved. It has a mystical ‘80s vibe that we both connect to. With everything going on in the world right now it’s a song we wanted to hear.”

We introduced you earlier this year to Opium Ink, with the January release of their single “Gasoline.” Led by lead singer and bassist Sarah Orloff, and drummer Wilma Kaddissi, the girls mix rock and electronic music to create a sound characterized by grit and glam. They released their most recent EP, Pretty Sick, this past March, produced by Lee Groves who has worked with a number of superstar musicians from both the pop and rock worlds, including Janet Jackson, Radiohead, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, and Gwen Stefani.

Groves has been a huge asset in the girls finding their sound which they first began to develop with their 2018 self-titled debut EP. 1980s new wave tracks are delicate creatures; if they are mishandled the results can be quite fragile. Opium Ink has taken great care in their remake of “Send Me An Angel” and it certainly shows through in the finished product.

Artwork for ‘Send Me An Angel’ by Opium Ink