We’re pleased to be bringing some colour to your day with the brand new music video for “My World Ends” from dream poppers Color of Light. The ambient, atmospheric video looks like it was taken right out of the ‘60s with its washed-out colour scheme and psychedelic vibe. Sean Neuse, the brainchild behind Color of Light, looks at peace with his surroundings, as the video takes you through various shots of the environment along with clips of what look like old homemade videos.

Written and recorded by Neuse, “My World Ends” is one of the featured tracks on his brand new album Daydream Garden, due out November 13th via Imera Records. The song deals with the difficulties that Neuse went through after the passing of his parents, a recurring theme throughout Daydream Garden as he attempts to connect with nature, the beauty around him, and his own mortality on a much deeper level than he ever has previously.

Elaborating on the meaning behind “My World Ends,” Neuse said, “‘My World Ends’ is a song about dealing with depression. The overly dramatic title was chosen because it’s not the end, it’s just ‘that feeling you get.’ The delay sounds on Slowdive’s Pygmalion album played a strong influence, along with the way Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals intertwine on Heaven or Las Vegas.”

If the name Sean Neuse sounds familiar to you, it’s likely as a result of his work in the South Carolina/North Carolina act Coma Cinema, the Mat Cochran-led indie pop band that saw considerable creative and commercial success over the course of five full-length album releases. Currently based in the small city of Spartanburg, South Carolina, Neuse created Color of Light in 2014 as an experimental project in which he could feel free to write and record whatever he so chooses. It’s a sound that’s difficult to fully put into words, but you could say that it lands somewhere in between dream pop, shoegaze, psychedelia, noise pop, and ambient music.

As Color of Light, Neuse released his debut record Memory in 2015, an album that dealt with the emotional burden of several loved ones facing the end of their lives. Daydream Garden likewise deals with loss, but it does so more directly and from a place of acceptance. As an artist and as an individual, Neuse has come a long way since the release of Memory as he embraces the future fueled by both wisdom and experience.

Artwork for ‘My World Ends’ by Color of Light
Artwork for ‘Daydream Garden’ by Color of Light