You wouldn’t assume that a rooftop would be conducive to an intimate performance, but Torii Wolf has proven us very wrong with their brand new music video for the song “Charlie.” Standing alone with nothing more than a guitar, amp, and microphone, Wolf is both genuine and impassioned in their delivery; emotional yet determined and one hundred percent authentic.

The video’s release comes at a time when the industry is beginning to really take notice of the Los Angeles based, non-binary singer and songwriter. They’ve already earned the respect of notable musicians such as DJ Premier, Macklemore, and producer Mike Zombie (Drake) with their fusion of indie, avant-garde, and dance helping to usher in a new wave of unique, artistic, and progressive music.

With its delicate sound and Wolf’s full-fledged honesty, “Charlie” comes across as a very personal song for the artist. Commenting on the song, they said, “‘Charlie’ is inspired by a very close person in my life who lost their father at a very young age. I feel very deeply connected to this song. I go somewhere very special and tender when I sing it.”

Intimacy has been Wolf’s most definable characteristic in a career that has now spanned fifteen years. Uncommitted to any particular genre, they have shown the versatility to write and record within any space, from singer-songwriter music to more urban, hip hop flavours. Wolf’s new work is drastically different from their last project, the 2017 album Flow Riiot that they wrote and record with DJ Premier. There is really only one prerequisite when it comes to music for Wolf. It has to come from the heart and attempt to break down preconceived notions, unrestrained by labels and classifications. Wolf is out to build a safe space for listeners with their progressive sound that is sure to find many new listeners looking for an artist who values realness above all else.

Artwork for “Charlie” by Torii Wolf