We all long for the good old days when youth was on our side and life seemed less complicated. You may refer to it as the “Self Indulgent” time of life when you were more concerned with pleasure and satisfaction than deadlines and commitments. It’s a funny time of life and one that is so elegantly captured in Pocket Hole’s brand new music video for their latest single, “Self Indulgent.”

The song’s new video features this indulgent side of life, with various shots of good times, even better memories, and that silly side that at the same time makes you cringe and long for days gone by. Featuring clips of live performances and home movies and photos from the members of Pocket Hole, the video is also something of a retrospective for the members of the band and their lives spent together as friends.

“This came as an idea in the middle of the night. I hated my job (I hate all my jobs, but who doesn’t?) and I tried to make the intro of ‘Self Indulgent’ convey the horror I was feeling. I think these lyrics reflect the relationship you have with all the negatives, fears, devils, etc. you have within you; at least that’s what I was aiming to get across. I obviously was trying to be tongue in cheeky too. You’re sitting there being with all your evils and it’s rabbit holing, you’re drinking about it, and you’re like ‘damn, I am wasted and scared!’ (laughs). When this was written, it was certainly intended to be a drinking song, a fun song.”

Self-described as “a bunch of goofs,” Pocket Hole first began exactly three years ago this month. They initially met while attending San Diego State University where they all shared friends, but weren’t yet aware of each other’s passion for music. Once that commonality was uncovered, things started to move quickly in an effort to be as ambitious as possible. Guitarist and singer Ryan Nolen already had several musical ideas laying around which formed the basis for what would become Pocket Hole’s debut Marine Layer EP which was released about a year after they formed.

In addition to the release of “Self Indulgent,” the band is at the same time issuing a second single titled “Catch & Release” with both songs featuring a more polished, well thought out sound than what appears on Marine Layer. With these new songs, the group members leaned more on their roots to generate a more raw sound, truer to the music they grew up on. The more you learn about Pocket Hole, the more you like. This is good music made by good people who are just trying to add a little positivity to the world.

Artwork for ‘Catch & Release’ by Pocket Hole