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Northlane to Host Exclusive Screenings of Lifechanging ‘Live at the Roundhouse’ Gig

Northlane are to host exclusive screenings of their “Live at the Roundhouse” gig this week and you can find out more here.



This week will see Northlane host a two night only streaming event of Live At The Roundhouse, featuring their celebrated performance captured at Sydney’s iconic venue The Roundhouse on 11th October 2019. Taking place on 21st & 22nd August, “Live At The Roundhouse” will be available as a pay-per-view event via Netgigs, with the band chatting live throughout both screenings.

The first and biggest show of the Alien World Tour, “Live At The Roundhouse” was shot via 14 cameras in front of a sold out home crowd, with the audio mixed and mastered by Alien engineer Chris Blancato.

“Live At The Roundhouse” was captured during Alien release week at the culmination of the most turbulent period in Northlane’s history as outlined in their recently released documentary, Negative Energy.

“One of the most incredible, moving moments we’ve ever had on stage for me was when we played “Sleepless” for the first time at our show at the Roundhouse,” starts guitarist Josh Smith. “Knowing what events had transpired not too long before that, and what the song was about I could tell Marcus was struggling when I got up there. By the time the song had finished, he was in tears and he just soldiered on through the rest of the encore like nothing was wrong at all. I could tell on the inside he was just bleeding out. It was one of the bravest moments I’ve ever witnessed.”

Following this concert, a fully revitalised Northlane went on to complete the biggest tour of their career, selling out most shows across the globe. Back home, Alien scored the band their third Top 5 Chart debut and third ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Album. Alien was their highest selling debut worldwide.

Live At The Roundhouse is only available to stream for two nights only. Don’t miss the chance to witness one of the most important shows in Northlane’s history. Tickets are on sale now at from this location.

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