Dishing out some stoner-punk you can really sink your teeth into, L.M.I. – a Bad Religion-inspired acronym for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals  – are decade-long vets of the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, punk scene. The three-piece recently dropped their new album, Excess Subconscious, on June 26th via Handstand Records (US) and Maniyax Records (EU), and the nine-track effort is a frenetic, satisfying blend of punk, hardcore, post and stoner-rock accents, and screaming, lots and lots of screaming.

As an enticing taste of Excess Subconscious, L.M.I. is offering the album’s penultimate track as a free download. The blistering “Tomorrow Midnight” is held down by the band’s stable musicality while the vocals scrape menacingly along the lower tunnels of the lead singer’s register. As well as sonic tunnelling, the L.M.I. vocalist, Will, joins us to expand on the genesis of “Tomorrow Midnight” and give any inquiring punk fans insight into a truly solid tune.

“‘Tomorrow Midnight’ was one of the early songs we wrote for this album, but I personally think it really stands out amongst the rest of the album. There are a lot of different influences in our band and this one does a good job showing our metal influence. While writing this tune I was listening to a lot of Mammoth Grinder and that can really be seen in this song. It’s also the first song where I do deeper growling vocals the entire time. Hope you dig what you hear and you check out the rest of the album!”

Artwork for ‘Excess Subconscious‘ by L.M.I.