Infamy can be unkind to artists, languishing in obscurity in spite of the influence they wrought in their respective scenes. In Insight’s case, despite being a Salt Lake City straight-edge hardcore powerhouse that was active and widely respected during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, they never got to release an LP. Fortunately, that indignity has been corrected with this latest compilation album, Reflection.

A collection of old singles, four new tracks, and unearthed live tracks, Reflection is a skilful melding of what made (and makes) Insight such good old-school hardcore. The sound production on older tracks has been masterfully improved. It’s a testament to the strength of their sound that Insight’s old tracks can still sound ‘new’ with this record, despite being over 30 years old. What’s also really impressive is the mastering on the new tracks, to make them sound ‘old,’ despite being written about the current American administration. Lyrically, the band hasn’t strayed from their original message, whether that’s about fighting animal cruelty or addiction.

Whether old or new or live or produced, the amalgamation of the group’s effort, spanning gulfs of decades and experiences coalesce in superb fashion. It’s really a testament to how successful some bands get to be when their members are able to breathe each other’s air and not fall to petty differences or fundamental flaws. Insight is a treat to the ears, both old and new alike, and this compilation is a welcome respite for those who like their hardcore old-school.

Reflection Track Listing:

1. Standing Strong
2. Believe
3. Walk Away
4. Enough
5. Identity Crisis
6. End The Cruelty
7. Get It
8. Silent Shore
9. Take It Back
10. Lost In My Pride
11. Reflection
12. Strength
13. Walk Away (Live)
14. End The Cruelty (Live)
15. Standing Strong (Live)
16. Enough (Live)
17. Identity Crisis (Live)
18. Control (Live)
19. Tied Down (Live)

Run Time: 41:06
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Record Label: Mission Two Entertainment