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Crown Lands Kick Things into Overdrive with Their “Leadfoot” Music Video



With momentum firmly pointing in the forward direction, Crown Lands are dropping a “Leadfoot” today with the release of their latest music video. This marks the final single to be unveiled from their self-titled, full-length debut album (read our recent review of their Wayward Flyers Vol. 1 EP) which is coincidentally set for release, today! There is a real classic rock feel and sound to “Leadfoot,” that coupled with its modern, aggressive guitars makes this an instantly addictive tune.

Thoughts of Robert Plant, Freddy Mercury, or Geddy Lee may enter your mind when you hear the distinctive, charming vocals of lead singer and drummer Cody Bowles while thoughts of Jack White and Dan Auerbach may arise in listening to guitarist Kevin Comeau’s shredding. Speaking of White, Crown Lands comes Jack White approved with the singer and guitarist previously requesting that Crown Lands open for him.

This week’s release of their debut album is a huge feat for Crown Lands, as it’s been a long time in the making. It’s been six years now since the duo met, initially becoming best friends over their shared love of the same music. For the recording of the album, the twosome relocated for a while to Nashville to work with the six-time Grammy-award winning producer Dave Cobb who helped them refine their songwriting and also have more faith in their musical instincts.

Reaching this point of releasing their debut album comes as quite the accomplishment for Crown Lands, a far cry from the barn in which they first began rehearsing in. Since their formation, Bowles and Comeau have always remained committed to only being a duo to keep things as raw and unique as possible. From folk and blues-rock to psychedelic and progressive rock, there isn’t a genre that Crown Lands are not familiar with. As has been proven time and time again, there’s just nothing quite like the energy of a rock duo and Crown Lands are set to take the podium alongside the other great rock pairs that we have come to love.


Artwork for ‘Crown Lands’ by Crown Lands