Denver duo Blakk Mantra releases two new singles: “Perhaps We’ll Live” and “Queen Of Infinite Space,” both produced by “The Machine” in Austin, TX. The duo keeps the feel-good groove going from their previous EP, Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dope, this time incorporating a sonically experimental twist in the combined compilation Welcome To El Rey Blvd.

Welcome To El Rey Blvd now feels like the big brother to our last EP,” says Amber Leigh – one half of the duo Blakk Mantra. “Perhaps We’ll Live” is a hard-hitting alternative track featuring Blakk Mantra’s signature fuzzed-out bass lines, unique guitar melodies, and a driving backbeat. “Queen Of Infinite Space” is another hard-hitting alternative track featuring their signature fuzzed-out bass sound. The duo has created a new soundscape with these new singles, allowing listeners to interpret the songs on their own and decide what the song means for themselves. “Some ideas Johnny and I had been holding onto readily made their way into these songs. I think it’s more interesting when people decide what our songs are about, but “Queen of Infinite Space” is most definitely about having sex with an alien,” says Amber Leigh.

Blakk Mantra’s previous release, a music video for their single “Donna Juanita,” was one of 2 singles featured in their recent EP release Where There’s Smoke, There’s Dope. Shot completely in a virtual setting during COVID-19, dancers around the world submitted their videos to join in the virtual dance party, embodying the song’s sentiment of bravely chasing your passion and connecting with others who also share your passion. The single was received well, being hailed by Taste Culture as “a testament to the strength of humanity in dark times”, “Donna Juanita” was the first of many single releases to come and perfectly set the stage for their recent releases “Perhaps We’ll Live” and “Queen of Infinite Space.”

Blakk Mantra is comprised of Johnny Noble and Amber Leigh, both hailing from Denver, CO. Having been a band for 6 years now, their newest releases mark a rebirth for Blakk Mantra heading in a new direction.

Artwork form ‘Welcome to El Rey Blvd’ by Blakk Mantra

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