Today, Canterbury based doom metallers Struck/Down are premiering their new single “Wandering Child”. The track is the first sample from the band’s new EP From Demons, the release date for which is yet to be announced.

The track, one which the band has hinted that is something of a departure from their earlier hard rock sound, follows the story of Father Bernard and his battle with an ancient curse in medieval England. His battle is short-lived as the curse consumes him making him immortal and still causing havoc on modern-day life. The lyrics follow almost as a fable that has been passed down through generations however this legend turns out to be true.From Demons follows the rest of Father Bernards’s story in a modern-day setting with deep metaphors relating back to part of the members lives and the state of the world as a whole.

Struck/Down initially formed as an acoustic duo by Will Mason (lead guitar) and Linden Twyman (vocals), but quickly sought to expand their efforts into a band environment. Undergoing numerous line-up changes throughout their career, the band has released their Sherry On Top EP followed in their debut album, Gone, in 2019 and, again, having settled their line-up with the addition of bassist Andy Dixon, the band, now complete, have channeled those personal and mental health struggles and line-up changes into inspiration for the material on their upcoming From Demons release.

Artwork for “Wandering Child” by Struck/Down

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