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Will Wood Gets Wild With His New “2econd 2ight 2eer” Music Video [Premiere]



Do we have a fun one for you today or what? If you’re looking for a weekend song then you’ve gotta check out “2econd 2ight 2eer,” the latest tune from avant-garde pop artist Will Wood. Will has just released the colourful and celebratory new music video to accompany the song featuring him and his bandmates letting loose and definitely showing their silly side. “2econd 2ight 2eer” is taken from the just-released new record, The Normal Album, issued via Say-10 Records.

The response to the album has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly from the hardcore Will Wood fans who helped make this record a reality. To fund the making of the record, Will started a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo that met its funding goal in only one day. As part of the campaign, Will offered up some very alluring perks to his many fans, including a chance to appear on the record and even a portion of the album sales. There’s no denying that he’s certainly a musician who’s interested in giving back to his audience.

Commenting on the creation of the multi-coloured and vibrant new video, Will said, “We brought in this guy Terrence Holleran, who hooked up a bunch of old ‘80s tech to one another in a way that created some weird visual feedback between a camcorder, a TV, a VCR, and this weird board that looked like it had been ripped out of a TV studio. Then we gave him some niche interest videotapes we found at a thrift shop, including this strange softcore pseudo-porno of bikini babes firing machine guns on a beach. You can’t really see much of the VHS feed, except for a bit of (actor) Scatman Crothers at one point, but I like to think the vibes are in there.”

There are those who do things the conventional way and then there are those who prefer to operate a little left of center. You can firmly place Will Wood in the latter category, a man who operates by his own rules which have helped him in garnering a massive cult following of highly dedicated fans. A large part of the credit for Will’s success must go to his band The Tapeworms who may be just as eccentric as he is. It was this eccentricity which initially started to get fans hooked in 2015 when Will began to emerge and people started to take notice of his unusual public persona and provocative performance art. He’s the type of artist who at the same time enthralls and confuses audiences, largely due to his almost insane live performances that include not just music, but light shows, acrobatics, stand up comedy, and various theatrics. It’s for certain that no one is going to ever be bored at a Will Wood show.

If you’re sick of the typical, derivative, and often mundane nature of rock and pop, then Will Wood has a lot to offer you with his eclectic, and at times odd, take on music and performance.

Artwork for ‘The Normal Album’ by Will Wood

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