Having established themselves on the UK underground after gigging with the likes of King 810, Devil Sold His Soul, Darkest Hour and more, South Coast metallers Bleed Again are back with a furious single, “Survive” out today. With this in mind, we asked bassist and vocalist, Sam Jones, for a breakdown of the key tracks that have helped to shape their powerful sound.

1. Killswitch Engage – “The End of Heartache”

““The End of Heartache” just has everything you could want from a modern(ish) metal song. From the melodic start, into the brutal riff, to the enormous chorus with Howard’s operatic voice, it just resonates with us as a perfect song. The breakdown is heavy as fuck too! Everything KSE touches turns to gold, but “The End of Heartache” is platinum… in our opinion.”

2. Architects – “Phantom Fear”

““Phantom Fear” isn’t one of the best known Architects songs but just like some of the more popular songs such as “Doomsday”, “A Match Made In Heaven” etc. It has some big factors we wanted to incorporate into the new album. Sam Carter’s vocals are epic and soaring throughout with the pitch scream technique he and many others use. This sound is something we can confidently incorporate into our new songs, but he is something else! The use of big heavy riffs being played slow and with more of a ‘groove’ to them is so effective as well, resulting in the song itself sounding even heavier. But don’t worry, we still have just as many (if not more) fast riffs on the album.”

3. Alter Bridge – “Addicted to Pain”

“Almost every song by Alter Bridge is going to be a monumental, arena filler and “Addicted to Pain” is no different. Their big open choruses and rock-driven riffs definitely inspire more than a couple of songs in our repertoire! The structure for the majority of the bands songs is fairly simple and focused on making a great song filled with great sections, this is something we’ve aimed to keep in mind when writing over the last couple of years.”

4. 36 Crazyfists – “Skin and Atmosphere”

““Skin and Atmosphere” as a song takes you on a journey start to finish, you can really hear the emotion and passion in the track. This something we’ve kept in mind throughout the writing process, we believe the songs on this new album are our most passionate and raw lyrically we’ve ever written. The dynamic changes keep it interesting yet compliment the feel of the song in great harmony, it’s so easy to relate to lyrically. It’s also great fun to play on guitar!”

5. Linkin Park – “Numb”

“Linkin Park, more specifically Chester Bennington has influenced so many singers/vocalists and to say he’s influenced us could be an understatement. “Numb” as a song is simply put, beautiful. The passion captured in Chester’s vocals and the melody lines, structure or the song and all the instrumental is just sonically perfect. Chester Bennington’s versatility is something Sam (vocals/bass) really looks up to, especially the raw emotion in his voice. One of the best vocalists of all time. Fact.”

6 – Machine Head – “Imperium”

“Machine Head. Thrash. Chug a beer, play 10 riffs 3 minutes. They write metal masterpieces! “Imperium”, especially, is hard to describe but if we had to – “ferociously, mesmerising aggression” I think sums it up. It’s such a rollercoaster of a track and a band that have riffs for days and relentless drums resulting in albums and live shows that leave your ears ringing and wanting more. How could that NOT influence us to want to do the same!”

Bleed Again’s new single “Survive” is out now and you can pick it up here.

Artwork for ‘Survive’ by Bleed Again

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