Monday morning comes around again and, as we head into another week, here’s ten new songs and videos to help you through the next seven days. As always we hope you like what you hear and if you want your band to be considered for inclusion in a future column then just get in touch.

01. PSSR – “Last Time”
– Get ready for a good time accompanied by “Last Time”, the new full-force, rock n’ party anthem from New York band PSSR.

FFO: AC/DC, Airbourne, Iggy Pop

02. King Bull – “The Depender”
– Created on a diet of 70’s rock and punk, Canada’s King Bull have released “The Depender”, their new single out now on Riot Records

FFO: Iggy Pop, AC/DC, Neil Young

03. The Veronicas – “Biting My Tongue”
– Australian twins, The Veronicas are back with their new single “Biting My Tongue,” and a great cinematic video of star-crossed lovers, feuding families a la Romeo & Juliet, and two sets of twins. Check it out here:

FFO: Michelle Branch, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson

04. Delicate Steve – “Green”
Delicate Steve has released his new single “Green”, accompanied by a video in which he’s playing guitar solos in the Sonoran desert. Steve filmed the video by himself too, via drone footage. Check it out here .

FFO: Richard Swift, William Tyler, Night Moves

05. Rebelmatic – “Blood And Gold”
– New York City hardcore vets, Rebelmatic, have shared the energizing new video for “Blood and Gold” – the second single from their highly-anticipated new full-length Ghost In The Shadows, due out August 28th on Red Right Recordings.

FFO: Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, James Brown

06. They Called Him Zone – “Authority”
– Taken from their upcoming album, If You’ve Got A Taste For Terror, dark rock duo They Called Him Zone have just put out their new single “Authority”.

FFO: New Order, Iggy Pop, Nine Inch Nails

07. Mike Ross – “The Loser”
– Multi-talented, pigeonhole-defying guitarmeister and multi-instrumentalist, Mike Ross has released “The Loser”, the first single from his genre-crossing new solo album The Clovis Limit Pt.2.

FFO: Laurence Jones, JP Soars, Troy Redfern

08. Ages – “Burn Them”
– Melodic black metallers Ages return with the new single “Illicit State” from their new album Uncrown set to be released on August 21, 2020 on Black Lodge Records.

FFO: Wormwood, Necrophobic, Naglfar

09. Be Well – “Morning Light”
– Led by Brian McTernan, former vocalist of hardcore act Battery, along with members of Darkest Hour, Fairweather and Bane, Be Well‘s new single “Morning Light” is a furious two minutes of melodic hardcore.

FFO: Sharptooth, Bane, Darkest Hour

10. Jaye Jayle – “The River Spree”
Jaye Jayle has released an evocative new video for “The River Spree”. The song appears on Prisyn — a 10-song collaboration with Ben Chisholm— out August 7 on Sargent House.

FFO: Fvnerals, Chelsea Wolfe, Old Man Gloom


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