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Joe McLeod Will Calm You Down with His “Everybody’s Got Somebody” Music Video [Premiere]



It feels like a perfect time to “shake off that rust” and join Joe McLeod for a few minutes of self-reflection and appreciation… The singer-songwriter has released a live session music video for the song “Everybody’s Got Somebody,” featuring him delivering one of his trademark impactful performances, perched on a dock with guitar in hand in front of a boat and a beautiful country sunset.

The song and performance exude everything that McLeod is about, both as a musician and as a person. He’s one of those singers able to use his music to speak to you on a higher level. It’s catchy, but also insightful and may cause you to think about life, living, and the people around you in a deeper fashion.

Regarding “Everybody’s Got Somebody,” McLeod said, “This song is one of my favourites to play live, it carries an energy with it that is simultaneously upbeat, reflective and encouraging.”

Extremely down to earth in his approach, the Keswick, Ontario native specializes in his own innovative blend of indie-folk and pop. Lyrically, McLeod carries a diverse approach with an emphasis on storytelling and songs about being young. He combines both catchy hooks and poetic lyrics to create an emotive style of music that’s easily transferable between both a full live band and him just on his own, strumming an acoustic guitar. Lately, McLeod has been hard at work on recording his debut album with the assistance of members from the well-established Canadian indie band The Elwins. He has tentative plans to play a show on September 4th at The Sharon Temple National Historic Site in East Gwillimbury, Ontario. If COVID-19 related restrictions are not lifted by that time, the show will be live-streamed.

With his fingers crossed in the hopes of getting out soon and playing his songs live, McLeod is ready, willing, and able to touch you in a way that only he is capable of.