London-based Francesca Louise is a talented singer-songwriter who mashes Joni Mitchell and Carole King influences into a moving, intimate brand of folk-pop. While acoustic instrumentation lends her music an abject tactility, her harrowing vocals carry listeners to deeply personal and darkly beautiful realms of sonic introspection. Short version: it’s good stuff.

Her six-track, debut EP, Melancholic Antidote, is due out July 25th and includes the standout track “Out of Sight (Out of Mind).” The single dropped April 17th and introduced audiences to Francesca’s commanding skills and soaring trajectory. As this burgeoning artist gets ready for her new release, she is offering “Out of Sight (Out of Mind)” as a free song download. The slow-burn tune is all but guaranteed to worm into your mind and keep your auditory senses swirling, hungry for more.

On the track, Francesca explains it’s meaning:

‘“Out of Sight (Out of Mind)” is my way of confession. This song is as close as it gets for me to opening up to somebody and really letting your feelings be known. I’ve never been great with expressing my emotions romantically, and writing music was my go-to to allow some sort of release of it all.”

Artwork for “Out of Sight (Out of Mind)” by Francesca Louise