These are turbulent times we’re living in – turbulent times where a short, sharp dose of riotous hardcore punk would rarely feel like a more befitting soundtrack. Step up Los Angeles quartet Entry – a band brought into the world by vocalist Sara G and Touché Amoré’s Clayton Stevens – whose no holds barred live experience caught the attention of Southern Lord boss Greg Anderson (who promptly snapped them up). Debut full-length Detriment has arrived in what feels like much-needed times and at a mere quarter of an hour in length, Entry’s bluntness feels like the perfect catalyst to enhance the passion and ferocious energy on display throughout this release.

The songs cling ravenously to old school punk belligerence, with riffs that practically square up to the listener and snarl alongside Sara G’s incensed hollering, both equally fuelling the fires of Entry’s unshakeable surge of defiance and quick-fire bedlam. “Your Best Interest” waits impatiently for the hostile riffs of “Intro” to conclude before staccato snares signal the start of Detriment’s terse punk assault. Songs like “Control,” “These Feelings” and the intense “Vulnerable” exist for barely more than sixty seconds yet still manage to pack in plenty of enduring hardcore melodies amidst the chaos, with both New York and DC influences coming through in concurrent doses on top of a flurry of furious d-beat that brings to mind UK legends Discharge as well as the more caustic fury of Victims and Tragedy.

The combination of older and newer influences sees the band deliver both breakneck aggression and mid-paced groove, with the shout-along anthem of “Not Your Decision” and album closer “Demons” contributing to what is a surprisingly varied album given its fleeting, frenetic existence.

Not a huge amount has changed musically since 2016’s fiery EP No Relief, although a beefier production (this time recorded by the band’s bass guitarist Sean Sakamoto and drummer Chris Dwyer) and tighter songwriting both denote a step forward here for Entry and their unwavering charge, with the continuation of the band’s lyrical content covering both personal and wider-reaching issues contributing to the diverse feel of the album. Entering like a lion and exiting like, well, an even bigger lion, Detriment’s brevity and unrestrained punk cacophony proves a faithful companion amidst a modern world that so often feels both tempestuous and unjust and, for that, it is a triumph.

Detriment Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Your Best Interest
3. Vulnerable
4. Secondary
5. Selective Empathy
6. These Feelings
7. Not Your Decision
8. Control
9. Demons

Run Time: 14:26
Release Date: July 17, 2020
Record Label: Southern Lord


Eternal nineties metal kid from London with a penchant for extreme music and HM-2 clamour. My first-ever gig at the age of sixteen was Napalm Death, At The Gates and Crowbar - a baptism of fire that set in stone a lifelong love of metal and general noisiness. Writing for numerous online publications over the years (including Broken Amp and Cvlt Nation) has now led me to V13 where the adventure will surely continue!