The world may be in peril, but let’s look on the bright side of things today, shall we? Los Angeles-based Broken Machine is on the rise with their brand new EP, Fly Me To The Sun, due out this Friday, July 31st. The grunge rock enthusiasts are looking to turn the clock back to a time when melody, meaningful songs, and real instrumentation were what was most appreciated. You could refer to them as a post-grunge band, looking to keep the spirit of that era alive, while also ensuring not to live in the past.

To make the best of this three-song release, the group worked with producer Elliott Lanam, a Grammy and Emmy Award-nominated producer, along with Dave Fortman, responsible for hit albums from Slipknot and Evanescence. What’s most noticeable about Fly Me To The Sun is its production value, as well as its mature songwriting. The members of Broken Machine maintain a one-take approach meant to purposely avoid any overproduction or gimmicky studio effects like autotune.

While not exactly a political or social statement, Fly Me To The Sun is all about free-thinking and individuality. As lead singer Schyler Douglas explains, “The EP itself is an anti-authoritarian/anti-establishment stance and in support of freedom of choice in how one lives his/her life and uses his/her body. This EP touches on those innate feelings of anti-establishment that define me and the band and the experiences I’ve had. This EP is an homage to the fringe that we all need a little more of. Power to the people. Free your mind. Taxation is theft.”

Defined by soaring guitar riffs, expressive vocal melodies, and a rhythm section that pulls no punches, Broken Machine maintains a very diverse musical approach. Their music is moody, cathartic, and also possesses some of that trademark early ‘90s angst that was oh so typical of legends of that time such as Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots. It’s a solid musical approach that you can’t go wrong with and one that this band has harnessed beautifully, with both style and aplomb.

Artwork for “Fly Me To The Sun” by Broken Machine