In this uncertain time with many of us still trapped inside of our homes, Fernway wants to share with you something ‘big,’ ‘bad,’ and ‘ugly’ that they have concocted. While holed up in their bedrooms, the band members have assembled in an unconventional way to create their new live playthrough (home edition) of their song “Big.Bad.Ugly.”

A band on the rise, Fernway wanted to share with their fans something to feel good about in these tense times. The video features the members all rocking out on their instruments all by their lonesome selves, but if this clip is any indication, the sum is greater than the parts when it comes to Fernway, five talented musical minds with the goal of shaking up the definition of traditional rock.

“Big.Bad.Ugly” comes from the band’s brand new EP, Welcome To The Ground. As part of the EP’s release, the group carefully planned for the release of a few live playthroughs of their recent singles with “Big.Bad.Ugly” acting as their latest.

To offer some more detail on the release of Welcome To The Ground, guitarist Jonah Wrest said, “Through these recent times of physical disconnect we needed to find comfort in being with ourselves individually while these new pieces of the Fernway puzzle circulated the web. Our latest release, Welcome to the Ground, was constructed with the notion of growth preceding a detailed blast towards a downward spiral to the lower cusp of rock bottom. Each track offers a combination of meaningful environments and free thinking to aide in a individual’s perspective on what it is to rebuild. While shows and tours continued to cancel as 2020 progressed, we as a band decided to develop a plan for a ‘non-tour’ styled form of campaign for the drop and post-release of our EP.”

The release of these made-at-home videos is largely a result of frontman and rhythm guitarist RJ DeMarco’s recent investment of time into studying video and lighting techniques with the goal of creating fun, energetic clips to engage with fans who currently have no outlet for live music. DeMarco and Wrest formed Fernway in 2017 along with guitarist Brett Robertson, bassist Alec Dube, and drummer Tanner DeMarco all in the name of creating some fun and catchy rock n’ roll. Their sound is a blend of pop-rock and alternative emo with the end result being a sound that’s rather unconventional.

While they continue to wait for the go-ahead to hit the road again, Fernway is content to continue to give you a musical and emotional lift, even if it happens to be right from their bedrooms.

Artwork for ‘Welcome to the Ground’ by Fernway

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