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“Wake Up” with Never Elected’s Brand New Music Video [Premiere]



It’s really about time that you “Wake Up” and start paying attention to the world around you, including the hard rockers known as Never Elected. The band has just released a visually-stimulating music video to accompany their recent single, a revved-up, riff-driven sonic assault that has been the band’s most successful track since its November 2019 release. “Wake Up” is a preview of what’s to come on the group’s next record which they have been hard at work on this year and are on the verge of completing.

If it wasn’t already evident by its title and socio-politically themed lyrics, the hard-hitting music video for “Wake Up” illustrates the fact that the band is out to convey a serious message. With a comment on the song and video, the guys collectively offered, “A thought-provoking new video that shows us how we are all magnetized to screens and how we are constantly inundated with unfiltered real-time information, so much so, that it warps our mental and physical state on a daily basis. Sometimes, we just need to ‘Wake Up,’ and bring ourselves back to reality.

Imprisoned by the self-isolation precipitated by a global pandemic, Washington D.C.’s Never Elected used the time in introspection and to reflect on our altered reality. Never had they imagined that their lyrics would serve as a presage to a future so dystopian. Their longing for a visual representation of their song, led them to partner with Rahul Mukerji, of Proviscocity LLC (an Entertainment & Media services company based in the nation’s capital). The current socio-political climate and the lyrics of the song necessitated a powerful video with a clear underlying message: Humanity’s unhealthy obsession with its technology is its final undoing.”

They continue by saying, “The video explores an individual of our society, submerged in a sea of misinformation and propaganda, that help shape his reality. His proverbial Jekyll & Hyde, locked in a constant battle, only serves to push him closer to the edge of insanity, as the band screams and implores for him to “Wake Up!”. The video ends in a chaotic blaze of images with the new reality of humanity in masks, but have we been wearing masks all along?”

Despite the aggressive edge of “Wake Up,” Never Elected actually began as an acoustic rock duo. What started as an easygoing platform meant to play acoustic cover songs turned into a full-on rock assault armed with the common goal of writing fast-paced, aggressive songs in the spirit of ‘90s grunge and old school rock n’ roll. With their musical objectives in order, the band began relentlessly practicing and rehearsing, teasing out a sound that is instantaneously addictive. They revealed themselves to the masses with the 2017 release of Down Too Long, their debut record which introduced listeners to their nonsense, rock n’ roll approach. With skill and experience on their side, Never Elected is led by Sujit Kumar, the highly respected lead singer from the Mumbai, India hard rock group Overhung.

As we eagerly anticipate Overhung’s sophomore release, we’ll do our best to “Wake Up” and look beyond the allure of the ‘magic window.’

Artwork for “Wake Up” by Never Elected

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