You had better have on your glitzy platform shoes because we’re inviting you to come a trip through the Dancing Maze with Them Moose Rush. Be forewarned, though, things may get a little zany, but that’s actually the point of all of this. If you don’t think this record is at least somewhat on the weird side then you’re not really getting what this band is all about.

Them Moose Rush specializes in the unconventional, and that’s what you’ll find on Dancing Maze, eleven brand new tracks that may remind you of the sound and song structure of Primus with a dash of the silliness of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Along with the addictive nature of its innovative progressive and hard rock, the record features some of the oddest and most unconventional song titles you’ll ever see.

To add a little depth to the meaning of the title and the unique flavour of the album, the band commented, “The Dancing Maze title is a homage to the evolution of our sound. All of the songs are titled with names of our ‘characters’ dancing through the maze and every one of them has a unique path and atmosphere while reaching their goal. ‘Jerry’s Bacon Flavored Vegan Potion’ is a song in 5/8 time signature about Jerry who decided to go vegan, but loves bacon, so he invented a bacon flavoured potion. Obviously.”

There really are no rules to the game when it comes to Them Moose Rush. Originating from Bjelovar in Central Crotia, the inventive trio has always tried to do things their own way. Their sound combines vintage rock n’ roll sounds with more modern math rock, progressive rock, and unconventional time signatures. It’s a formula meant to discover innovation and stand out a little left of center. They pushed their sound forward with the release of their 2018 sophomore LP, Don’t Pick Your Noise, a very riff-heavy record that was meant to challenge the general perception of what a rock trio was capable of musically. Similarly, Dancing Maze does the same, pushing the boundaries even further while at the same time shining brightly in all of its peculiarity.

Artwork for ‘Dancing Maze’ by Them Moose Rush