Summertime is upon us! Which means one thing for sure… It’s time to get fit, slim-fit. Which is a lot of work and requires too much effort, so let’s just settle on welcoming into our lives the rock band Slimfit and their new music video for “Power of Shower.” The quirky, DIY video captures the energy of the group’s fun, upbeat punk sound, with the trio getting up to various mayhem around the house.

When you’re caught up inside for months, it’s time to get a little rowdy and also a little crazy, and that’s exactly what the band had in mind with “Power of Shower.” The song comes from their new EP There’s Never A Reason Not To Party, the band’s second official release due out this month on Lonely Ghost Records.

Singer and guitarist Josh Davis commented on the recording of “Power of Shower,” stating, “Maddy Ciampa of WYD, Classical Baby, Steven King, etc. did the recording and mixing, Adam Boose did the mastering. In the past, I just wanted to finish the recordings and get them out, so we had programmed drums and I did all the guitar and bass parts, so Maddy was sort of limited with what she could do to make it sound authentic when it totally wasn’t. This time, we all got in the studio together and worked on it which was infinitely better. (Drummer) Dan (Seibert) and (bassist) Gina (Squeri) find really creative ways to throw their own flair on their parts, and it was very fun to work together on something we’re all very proud of.”

There’s Never A Reason Not To Party is an important release for Slimfit as it comes as the band has begun to develop a small, but strong following in the Columbus, Ohio underground rock scene. If you love fast and straight to the point punk rock then there is no better release for you than There’s Never A Reason Not To Party. Coming in at a total of just under thirteen minutes, there’s no fluff on this record. In total, it’s like a roller coaster of tempo and emotion, brought to you in a neat and tidy package of punk rock that forms the foundation of the trio.

Slimfit successfully combines 2000s punk and emo to take you on a quick and catchy skateboard ride that will make you feel like a teenager again. After your first listen you’ll really realize that yeah, there really is never a reason not to party…

Artwork form “Power of Shower” by Slimfit

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