The members of Mangata are in a talkative mood these days thanks to the upcoming June 19th re-release of their EP Hososhi. Leading up to the album’s due date, the band has been sharing commentary videos to discuss, in greater depth, some of the motivations, inspirations, and stories behind the songs.

This week, Mangata is discussing “Thew The Belladonna,” the follow up to their previously-released commentary video for their reinterpretation of the 1980s Hall and Oates tune, “Maneater.” As you gain more insight into the group’s mindset for each track, your anticipation for more will grow. (Which will be satisfied with the coming release of a brand new single that will be included on this new version of Hososhi.)

On the surface, “Thew The Belladonna” may not seem like one of the musicians’ favourites, but it actually holds a special place within their collective hearts. To offer greater clarity, the band said, “One of our least played songs, but not because we don’t like it. This one’s emotional for us. Don’t let your habits control who you are or what you do. Hug the ones you love. A lot of our songs have very dark content but upbeat instrumentation, which is the theme we based our aesthetic on. Life’s aggressive. So is (guitarist) Gabe’s (McCassey) only guitar solo ever.”

A group of five extremely well-intentioned individuals, the band plans to donate all profits they make from album and single sales, merchandise, live performances and whatever else to organizations that support justice for African Americans. They have vowed to continue to donate all of their profits until Black Lives Matter and the NAACP’s demands for justice and equal rights are met.

Based in Southern Louisiana, Mangata was formed out of a fusion of many different cultures and with the pursuit of bringing together a wide variety of musical genres such as jazz, post-rock, and indie. Thanks to their unique prog meets pop sound, the group quickly scooped up a lot of fans with several tours around their southern vicinity.

With their musical evolution continuing, they are preparing themselves to record a new album with the writing process for it close to being complete. As they approach the future, Mangata is intent on hitting the festival circuit across the United States and touring as much as possible. With ambition and dedication on their side, Mangata have what it takes to continue to climb their way to the top of their scene.

Artwork for ‘Hososhi’ by Mangata

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