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Get “Comfortable” and Watch Killer Whale’s Trippy New Music Video [Premiere]



You better not get too “Comfortable” because it looks like there’s a Killer Whale on the horizon, bringing with it those breezy, feel-good, California sounds. This band has just released their psychedelic-tinged new single along with its accompanying, sensory-stimulating music video that serves to depict what’s going through one’s mind-brain during a particularly positive head trip through the unknown.

Truly a gratifying audio-visual experience, the video takes you through many unconventional, at times hypnotic, scenes pulled right from the wildest side of your imagination. You’ll witness a set of eyes growing flowers, a rainbow coloured dancer, and even an old-fashioned station wagon driving itself. Experiencing the video is like taking a walk down a winding road of twists and turns where the human mind is left to run wild.

Taken from the brand new album, Tastes Like Yesterday, due out September 18th via Devil In The Woods Records, “Comfortable” is about coming to terms with one’s own quirks and owning up to who you are as a person with the ultimate goal of learning to be fully comfortable in your own skin. To enlighten you some more on the origins of the song, frontman Thomas Johnson commented, “‘Comfortable’ was inspired by growing more comfortable with my own self and the shedding of societal expectations of one’s own self. I had reached a point in my life when I started feeling confident in my personality which in turn gave me more confidence in my art. This song tries to express that feeling when you begin to really feel comfortable just being who you are.”

Tastes Like Yesterday is the follow up to 2017’s Casual Crush, an album praised for its blend of southern R&B and California surfer music rock. The mastermind behind it all is lead singer Thomas Johnson and his knack for concocting an original brand of dreamy, surfer, psychedelic rock, with the power of funk and soul. The beauty of Killer Whale lies in the group’s ability to make you feel laid back while also showing you a really good time. It’s about mellowing out and taking a load off right when real life starts to feel a little too overwhelming.

For Tastes Like Yesterday, Johnson made sure to emphasize his vocals in the production process, with his smooth, slick, and seductive voice doling out as many positive vibes as possible. Arriving just in time for the hottest part of the season, allow Tastes Like Yesterday to exercise your imagination while enveloping you in its sun, its warmth, and its honest to goodness “comfort.”

Artwork for “Comfortable” by Killer Whale