If you ask most modern metal fans what comes to mind when they think about the Australian heavy music scene, thoughts generally turn to the mainstream success of the Byron Bay surf mob Parkway Drive. However, those fans who have explored a little bit further know that there is a whole extreme metal scene from Thy Art Is Murder down, producing filthy slab after filthy slab of quality extreme metal. One of those bands, Aversions Crown, from Brisbane, has just dropped their fourth album, Hell Will Come For Us All and, yet again, has set the bar for Australian extreme metal.

A glorious display of extremity, Hell Will Come For Us All is the sound of a band who really wants to push the genre’s boundaries. Open to spreading their creative wings outside the obligatory blast-beats, weary breakdowns, and indecipherable guttural vocals, it’s not long into opener “The Soil” before you realize that Hell Will Come For Us isn’t going to be your standard death metal fodder. Sweeping melodies share the same space as crushing heaviness to create a sound that you really have to pay full attention to if you want to appreciate the quality. It continues through the likes of “Born In The Gutter,” a track which lurches between face-pummelling fury and epic passages, performed with a level of musicianship that is, quite frankly, jaw-dropping.

Even when the band simply opens up and let fly, as they do on tracks like “Caught In The System,” they’re almost untouchable. A perfect example of how some incredible drumming drives this album along, Hell Will Come For Us All is the kind of record that the techy musician out there will love to pick apart. And it continues. The brooding intro to the title track drops into some almost black metal ferocity, matched only by the utterly evil “Scourge Of Violence.” Back to more epic extremity for the morbid “Hymn of Annihilation” and the equally massive “Sorrow Never Sleeps” before the Brisbane quartet signs off in dramatic fashion with “The Final Judgement.”

The beauty of an album like this one is that, if you’re a fan of the death metal genre, there is so much contained within the powerful grooves of Hell Will Come For Us All to impress you. It’s sickeningly brutal, technically flawless and wonderfully dramatic. The big question is how will the rest of the death metal scene follow this terrifying display of heaviness? We shall wait with anticipation because, after listening to Hell Will Come For Us All, the Brisbane outfit has made sure this album is going to take some topping.

Hell Will Come For Us All Track Listing:

1. The Soil
2. Born In The Gutter
3. Paradigm
4. Caught In The System
5. Hell Will Come For Us All
6. Scourge of Violence
7. Hymn Of Annihilation
8. Sorrow Never Sleeps
9. The Final Judgement

Run Time: 37:44
Release Date: June 12, 2020
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

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